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BAILOUT SUMMARY (List of bailouts so far)

Posted by FactReal on April 17, 2009

Bailout Summary (PDF), Government Waste (PDF)

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click to enlarge image

Bailouts top $12.8 Trillion (Bloomberg)
Government Bailouts (S. Francisco Chronicle)
Bailouts Summary (FactReal)
Bailouts (CNN)
HR1105: Earmarks in Omnibus bill (FactReal)
HR1: Waste in “Stimulus” Bill (Obama) (FactReal)
HR1: Analysis of Stimulus II (Obama) (CBO)
HR1: Legislation Text of Stimulus II (Obama)
HR5140: Stimulus I (Bush) (CBO)
Car Bailout: Why they failed (FactReal)
TARP Analysis (CBO)
AIG: Dodd Bonus Amendment
AIG Restructuring Plan(Federal Reserve)
Bear Stearns (Federal Reserve)
Government takeover of small banks (FDIC)
Government takeover of Washington Mutual (FDIC)
Government takeover of IndyMac Bank(FDIC)
Work Pay Tax Credit (IRS)
Relaxing “Market-to-Market” accounting rules
Status of Appropriations Bills
Roll Call votes (U.S. Senate)

The Million Taxpayer March
Kook Actress Garofalo: Tea Parties Were About Hating the Black Man
Obama’s Big Government Gamble
A Tax Day Tea Party cheat sheet: How it all started
Tea Party Directories All-In-One…& Spending Facts

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  1. […] BAILOUT SUMMARY (List of bailouts so far) […]

  2. […] BAILOUT SUMMARY (List of bailouts so far) […]

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