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VIDEO: Miami to Protest Against Taxes & Gov. Spending – 7/21/2009 (Miami Protesta Contra Impuestos – Julio 21, 2009)

Posted by FactReal on July 20, 2009



  • Let’s use this week to gather opposition to healthcare
  • Democrats Want to Teach You to Die With Dignity
  • Glimpse of Obamacare future: 83 million would lose private coverage
  • O’Grady: The U.S. Steers Left on Honduras
  • What’s Up, Docs?
  • Kenneth Scott and John Taylor: Why Toxic Assets Are So Hard to Clean Up
  • Europe Thumps U.S., Again
  • The New Old ‘Card Check’
  • The Obama Agenda Bogs Down
  • Gay Marriage and the Constitution
  • Icons Aren’t What They Used to Be
  • Democrats reverse Obama on auto dealerships
  • The more he talks about nationalizing health care and spending more money…
  • Happy days are here again: Obama could spend $23.7 trillion to fix economy
  • Obama hits back at DeMint on health care: It’s not about me
  • Video: Centrist Dems in Congress drifting towards Republicans on health care?
  • Rasmussen: Obama 45, Romney 45; Obama 48, Palin 42
  • Many Moons Ago
  • Behind Closed Doors
  • Liberal Lion in Winter
  • Governors (Two) Bark Back
  • Sloppy Senates
  • A Nation of One-Eyed Sycophants?
  • And That’s the Way It Is
  • The Stoning of Soraya M.
  • Unwise Non-Latinas
  • Bill Clinton ACTS UP
  • One-Way Free Speech
  • House Health Plan Is Not Deficit Neutral
  • Don’t Be Fooled – House Health Care Bill Would Raise Long-Term Deficits
  • Obamacare: You Will Lose Your Current Insurance. Period. End of Story.
  • Governors Balk at Obama Health Plan
  • Congress Should Require White House Disclosure of Updated Economic and Budget Forecasts
  • Networks Ignore Chappaquiddick Anniversary; NPR’s Rudin Gets ‘Ugly’ Mail for Even Blogging About It
  • Barack Obama’s Deficit Spending Doublespeak
  • Green Bldgs Payback To Union Thugs
  • Obama Delays Budget ‘Til Aug Recess
  • Agri Secretary Defends $1.2M Ham
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  • ‘Gay Hate Crime’ Bill Is About To Pass
  • DC Has Best Employment Rate In US
  • Kennedy: Health Care = Social Justice
  • Family Wanted Silence On Captured GI
  • Ortega Wants Unlimited Terms, Too!
  • Tax Wealthy, Make Everyone Healthy


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