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2009 OBAMA-CAR MODELS: to replace your “clunkers” (funny images)

Posted by FactReal on August 3, 2009

From Bizarro World:
You can replace your well running “clunkers” with these Obama ecofriendly models.

Did you know?
Video: ‘Cash for Clunkers’ Language Gives Feds Authority to Take Control of Computers
Video: A well running Volvo engine was destroyed as part of the Cash for Clunkers program







Did government think of the consequences of this artificial quick fix

-This ‘Cash for Clunkers’ program was supposed to last 4 months, but it lasted 4 days.
-If government could not estimate the cost of this silly program, how can they manage our health care?
-This program proves that if you hand “free” stuff to people they will come in droves for the quick fix & not think of the consequences. The same will happen with state-run healthcare: people will crowd the system because they perceive it is “free.”
-Why destroy well running cars?
-Why add more junk to the environment that government is so concerned about?
-What will happen to people who can only afford a clunker?
(About 250,000 cars have been destroyed under this program)
-What will happen to the auto parts industry or the junk yards?
-What will happen if you need a part for your car?
(Will you be descriminated for not having an “ecofriendly” car?)
-Will people participating in this program be able to pay the monthly car payments and higher insurance costs for a newer car?
(The subprime mortgage crisis started when government tried to fix the market by forcing banks to give loans to people who could not pay them back)
-How many of those participating in the program do not have health insurance and could use that money to buy coverage instead?
-Dealerships are backlogged with so many transactions & tons of paperwork.
-Will government now offer cash for our food, clothes, appliances, entertainment, etc.?
-When will they stop giving our money away?
etc., etc.,
Killing a well running “clunker”

Russ Carnahan to Hold “Cash for Clunkers” Speech on 8/4/2009 in St. Louis
Cash for Clunkers updates
Healthcare poster ideas

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