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Posted by FactReal on September 21, 2009

HondurasZelayaBack(AP/Esteban Feliz)

Deposed Marxist President Zelaya closes a door at the Brazilian Embassy in Honduras --- 09/21/2009 (AP Photo/Esteban Felix)

via Fausta’s Blog:

According to Noticias 24 reports that deposed president Mel Zelaya is back in Honduras, staying at the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa.

via El Heraldo – Honduras: (Spanish)

…the Brazilian Embassy in the Honduran capital, confirmed to reporters that Zelaya is in the embassy.

The former president would have entered the country under the protection of United Nations Organization (UNO) yesterday after leaving the Embassy of Honduras in Managua, Nicaragua, heading to El Salvador, according to Radio Globo.


● The St. Louis Honduran community is planning a Freedom Protest on Tuesday September 22nd: more info here
Honduras Crisis in Facts (Proof Obama is siding with Marxists)
The state-run media avoids explaining the facts:
that Zelaya was attempting to hijack the Honduran constitution before he was arrested and ejected from the country back on June 28
Is the US hiding Zelaya in Honduras?
WSJ: Hillary’s Honduras Obsession
Obama continues to support thugs in Latin America
Zelaya Rewards U.S. Support with Betrayal


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