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AMERICANS PROTEST AGAINST OBAMACARE: Code Red Rally – 12/15/2009 Washington, DC

Posted by FactReal on December 15, 2009

Thousands Attend the Code Red Rally to tell the Government
“Hands Off My Health Care!”


Today over 5,000 freedom fighters concerned about the Washington take over of health care took time away from family and work to make their voices heard at the Code Red Rally at the Capitol in Washington, DC. With the Senate closing in on a final health care vote thousands of grassroots Americans sent a message to their Senators telling them “Hands off my health care!”

After the rally thousands of activists poured into the Senate office buildings to tell their Senators to vote NO on a government takeover of health care

On Twitter: #codered | #handsoff | #teaparty

Michelle Malkin: What will Nelson’s payoff be?; MoveOn to hold counter-protest; Lieberman: “We’re heading in the right direction;” Coburn: “This bill must be stopped!”
Laura Ingraham: Read her “Naughty and Nice List” at the Code Red Rally (video)
Gateway: CODE RED RALLY at Claire McCaskill’s St. Louis Office

Why is a Washington Takeover of Health Care Wrong for America??
ObamaCare 101


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