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LOG: SENATE VOTED FOR OBAMACARE – Christmas Eve 2009 (approved 60-39)

Posted by FactReal on December 19, 2009

Updated by Factreal on December 24, 2009 (this page will be updated as more info comes in….)

While we are enjoying our Christmas holidays, Democrats in the U.S. Senate rushed to pass ObamaCare –
an intrusive bill that will negatively affect our lives and our country.

Why Americans oppose Obama’s Health Care Reform
An Analysis of the Senate Democrats’ Health Care Bill (Summary)

LATEST: U.S. Senate advanced Obamacare this week.
12/21/2009, 1:18AM- Senate passes first vote: 60-40.
12/22/2009, 8:10AM: Second vote passes: 60-39.
12/23/2009 Senate voted on several items (scoll down for info)
12/24/2009 7:16AM Senate passes ObamaCare – final vote: 60-39
7:32AM Senate approves to raise federal debt limit from $12.1 Trillion to $12.4 Trillion (more trickery) – final vote: 60-39

(scroll down for updates)

Live video from the Senate floor via: C-span2
Videos of Senators: C-span
Blogs/Twitter: @philipaklein, @stewsays, Senatus, Michelle Malkin: Sunday showdown Part I, Part II; GatewayPundit, Michelle Malkin: Sneaky Saturday, Jill Stanek

Christmas Gift from Government

On Twitter: @redhk, @kerpen, @wonkroom, #healthcare, #hcr, #tcot, @JillStanek

Contact your Senators
NATIONWIDE VIRTUAL VIGIL: starts Sunday, December 20th – 9pm ET
St. Louis, MO: “Keep Your Stinkin Gift” Christmas Protest at Senator McCaskill’s Office-Wednesday at Noon (Photos here)
Lincoln, NE: “Don’t Tread on My Christmas” Protest at Senator Ben Nelson’s office at 6pm
Nebraska petition: Give Senator Ben Nelson the Boot
‘Tyranny Eve’ Protest: 6AM Christmas Eve Gathering on Capitol Hill to Protest Health Care Reform

SATURDAY 12/19/2009
AM– Democrat Senator Reid finally released his proposed bill:
Senate Health Care Bill (Reid’s Managers’ Amendment,
383-pages): PDF
12/19/09 Democrat Senator Reid finally releases his Amendment to ObamaCare (image of Dems Senate site 12/19/09 AM)


– Full Health Care Bill (H.R. 3590: Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, 2074-pages): PDF
8:30AM-3:48PM- Senate clerks read Senator Reid’s Amendment.
Reading the bill is not obstruction – it is common sense: Americans have to right to know what our representatives are voting for.
10AM- Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) caved:
– He announced that he dropped his so-called opposition after changes made to the bill on abortion provisions.
(We all know these are pure smoke screens.)
Bribes: Dems Give Nebraska Special “Lifetime” Medicaid Break For Nelson’s Vote (Video)
– Nelson’s support gives the 60th vote Reid needs to pass the bill.
10:50AM- Democrat Senator Reid (D-NV) says he has the 60 votes to pass the healthcare bill (ObamaCare) in the Senate.
3:48PM- The clerk has finished reading Reid’s amendment introduced today.
The Majority Leader (Democrat Harry Reid) is now blocking all additional amendments. (H/t: Tweet via Senatus)
5:40PM- Senate adjourns until 1 tomorrow. Debate only. First procedural health vote on Monday just after 1 a.m.

SUNDAY, 12/20/2009
1PM- Senate resumes general debate on Senate Bill till 11pm.
PM- CBO already revising its Demcare math: CBO blog (H/t: StewSays)
2:47PM- Democrat Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) threatens Republicans with Day of Judgement:
He accuses Republicans of “desperate, no-holds-barred mission of propaganda, falsehood, obstruction and fear.” Without knowing, Sen. Sheldon is projecting – he is describing Democrats’ tactics (i.e., 2 people are dying every 10 minutes, the bill will cover 60 million new patients but it will be deficit neutral and there will be no rationing, …) (video at 1:47 mark)
Democrat Sen. Whitehouse: Obamacare Opponents Are Birthers, Right-Wing Militias & Aryan Groups (Video). That’s a liberal being compasionate!
3:35PM- Democrats stopped Republican Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) from submitting amendments, again.
5:40PM- Republican Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) responds to Democrats’ accusations ObamaCare opponents of inciting “vindictive passions” and “delaying tactics.” Sen. Kyl reminds Democrats that Democrat Majority Leader Senator Reid is the one who scheduled the vote for 1AM.
11:30PM – Senate goes to recess till midnight when they are going to vote.
12:00AM- Senate back in session.
1:08AM- Senators are voting.
1:18AM– U.S. Senate advances Obamacare with 60-40 votes: All 40 Republicans voted against. All 58 Democrats and the 2 so-called independents approved cloture vote which means the Senate approves ObamaCare…so much for moderate Democrats. As expected, the left is monolithic. From now on, you can’t say Sen. Lieberman is a moderate. Moderate Democrats = unicorns.
Bribery worked for Democrats: Senate Played Pork Politics at Its Worst to buy Democrat Sen. Ben Nelson’s vote, Democrats will force taxpayers “to pick up the tab for 100% of the cost of the bill’s Medicaid expansion in Nebraska – forever. Vermont got $250 million in extra federal Medicaid funding to prevent [Democrat Senator] Bernie Sanders from bolting from the left….A previous deal had already added $300 million in extra Medicaid funding for Louisiana to secure [Democrat] Sen. Mary Landrieu’s vote,” and, Democrat Sen. Dodd asked for the misterious $100 million inserted in the Senate bill.
Cash for Cloture I, Cash for Cloture II
1:30AM-The Senate is now in recess until noon tomorrow, at which time it will continue “post-cloture” debate on ObamaCare.
More cloture votes coming this week.

MONDAY, 12/21/2009
NOON- Senate is back in session.
1:31PM- Democrats stop Republican Senator Grassley from submitting an amendment.
3:48PM- Republican Senator Kyl (R-AZ) explains the Senate rules: The strange hours sheduled for debate and votes for this week were set by the Democrat Majority Leader Senator Reid (D-NV).
4:35PM- Democrat Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) says that the U.S. comes behind Cuba in infant mortality. Cuba? Did Sen. Boxer hear that in Cuba there is a widespread practice of forced abortions as soon as there are any indications of problems with the fetus? Does she trust what Castro writes on a piece of paper?
7:40PM- Senate goes to recess till tomorrow at 7AM for the second vote.

TUESDAY, 12/22/2009
7:18AM- Senate back in session. Votes coming soon.
8:10AM- Second cloture motion (the entire health care bill) passes: 60-39, 1 non-vote. GOP Sen. Inhofe non-vote: He is in Tulsa celebrating 50th wedding anniversary with wife. Will be back for votes at end of week. Debate started.
9:00AM- Republicans speak against the unconstitutional individual mandate forcing Americans to buy insurance under penalty of law.
11AM- Democrat Landrieu (D-LA) continues pushing the fallacy that because Obama won last year, people must not oppose his health care reform. (Only dictators think that an election determines who will be censured for 4 years.) She makes sardonic comment that GOP Sen. McCain has to realize he lost last year’s elections. (Does that mean he can’t talk during Obama presidency?)
She continues her lies about cost-cutting in the Senate HC Bill. (American Spectator).
3:30PM- GOP & Dems agree to have final vote for 8am Thursday – Christmas Eve (Via Politico)
3:49PM- GOP Sen. McCain responds to Dem. Sen. Mary Landrieu’s (D-LA) sardonic comments (That McCain lost last year’s presidential elections). McCain reminds her that he won her Louisiana state last year.
5:20PM- Democrat Senator Casey’s illogical case for ObamaCare: He says the bill will guarantee more health care at less cost while cutting taxes. He even says they will make Medicare solvent but fails to mention they will cut $483 billion from Medicare (CBO, page 10) to finance the bill. Rations, anyone?
5:44PM- GOP Senator LeMieux (R-FL) explains how seniors will be affected with ObamaCare taking from the seniors’ Medicare program to finance ObamaCare. He describes Democrats’ illogical funny math.
7PM- Senate is adjourned until 9:45 a.m tomorrow. Health votes after 2PM.

WEDNESDAY, 12/23/2009
9:50AM- Senate is back in session. Votes coming after 2 p.m.
10:46AM- Democrat Sen. Conrad is blaming Bush for high debt and poor economy. He says that Obama inherited the mess. He makes it sound as if Democrats just arrived in Washington in 2009. He fails to mention that Democrats won the House majority in 2006 and have shared 50-50 votes in the Senate for years. He fails to mention that Obama was a U.S. Senator participating in the decisions, and that a liberal Democrat policy created the economic mess when government forced banks to lend to risky borrowers.
11:25AM- GOP Sen. Gregg says “This is a scam.” He is on a roll lifting the Democrats’ corrupted veil.
11:35AM- GOP Senators continue listing the Cash For Corruptocrats. “If this bill were so good, Democrats would not need to bribe senators.”
12:13PM- Angry comedian Democrat Sen. Al Franken talking about the scary tactics and the rancorous behavior during this health care debate. Franken says we will be able to go online and buy insurance. No one told him we already can do that without ObamaCare, for example, eHealthInsurance.com. He asked for extra 2 minutes – he got it. (Remember, Franken refused to give Sen. Lieberman the extra time on 12/17/09. Yep, Fraken exemplified the rancorous behavior he is now criticizing.!!)
1:00PM- Republicans bring up again the unconstitutionality of the bill. GOP Sen. Ensign: “This will massively expand the powers of the Federal government.” “Why did we pass Cash-For-Clunkers if government could force people to buy a car?
1:15PM- Budget Office Rebuts Democratic Claims on Medicare
1:37PM- GOP Sen. Hatch talks about how the majority of Americans (60%) are against Obamacare. Hatch talks about the arrogrance of powers. He mentions Democrat Senator Whitehouse’s speech demonizing those who oppose Obamacare. Sen. Whitehouse meant every word and he also exemplified the rancorous behavior Franken mentioned.
2:13PM- Marjority leader Democrat Sen. Reid announces that Senate is about to take up to 7 votes relating to health bill: Tally is here:
2:17PM- Senators are voting on Sen. Ensign’s (R-NV) constitutinal challenge to the health care bill’s mandate to purchase health insurance.
– It was defeated by a vote of 39 to 60.
2:47PM- Senators voting to waive Budget Act regarding Sen. Corker’s (R-TN) procedural motion claiming the bill violates budget rules.
– A motion to waive any violation was adopted by a vote of 55 to 44. A simple majority was needed.
3:00PM- Final vote will be tomorrow at 7AM.
3:00PM- Sen. John Cornyn’s (R-TX) appeal of a ruling earlier today by the Senate Parliamentarian that a violation of Senate Rule 44 (paragraph 4a) was not enforceable on this bill.
– A motion to waive this appeal and accept the Parliamentarian’s ruling was adopted, 57 to 42. A simple majority was needed.
3:20PM- Senators voting on Sen. Hutchison’s point of order that bill violates 10th Amendment of U.S. Constitution
– It was defeated by a vote of 39 to 60.
3:39PM- Thus, Senate rejects all GOP constitutional challenges to health care bill.
3:40PM- Senate voting on Sen. DeMint’s amendment to ban the practice of trading earmarks for votes. This vote will require 67 votes to pass.
– A motion to table (kill) the motion to suspend was adopted by a vote of 53 to 46.
4:00PM- Senator voting on adopting Sen. Reid’s amendment into the official bill.
– Adopted 60-39
4:18PM- Senate’s final procedural vote limiting debate and setting up final vote tomorrow at 7AM.
– Adopted 60-39
4:35PM- Democrat Sen. Harkin wanted to move final vote for today 6PM. Republicans oppose. Republican then ask to have vote for January. Democrats oppose.
5:10PM Republicans explain the negative impacts on the deficit and debt.
5:40PM Democrat Sen. Baucus: “There’s no double accounting here. There are separate accounting regimes, procedures here used for all trust funds.” (Via philipaklein)
7:10PM- GOP Sen. Crappo explains the Democrat’s trick on Reid’s bill: Government will collect taxes for 10 years, but only pay out benefits for the last 6 years. (So, it gives the impression we will be saving money. That’s why the CBO said this bill is “deficit neutral”! But what after 10 years?)
8:30PM- Senate in recess till tomorrow at 6:45AM. Health care vote expected at 7AM!!

6:45AM- Senate back in session. Senate will vote on ObamaCare and increasing the debt ceiling.
6:54AM- McConnell: “The one test for any bill was whether it would lower costs. This bill fails that test.” (Via Senatus)
6:57AM- Reid: Insurance companies will not be able to deny coverage because of pre-existing condition. (Let’s see how long will insurance companies last.)
7:06AM- Senate voting for ObamaCare: Health care bill passes in the Senate 54-33 (Majority was needed to pass)
7:10AM- Democrat Senator Reid votes wrong!! (Maybe is God talking to him) BUT… he then votes in favor for government power grab and votes ‘yes.’
7:16AM- Senate passes ObamaCare – final vote: 60-39
– Another proof moderate Democrats do not exist (like the Unicorns)
– Welcome to tyranny!

7:32AM- Senate voting to raise federal debt limit from $12.1 Trillion to $12.4 Trillion
(more government trickery)
– Passes 60-39

Democrat Senator Reid finally authorizes to unveil his proposed bill on Saturday morning, just before going to debate and vote.
Democrats want vote before Christmas eve while Americans are enjoying Christmas.
Democrats want to avoid public scrutiny.

–SATURDAY, DEC 19th — 7:20 am – Final passage on DoD approps bill. Note: After the DoD bill is dispensed with, Leader Reid can file cloture on the manager’s amendment, the substitute amendment and the overall bill on health care.
–SUNDAY, DEC 20th — Wait for cloture to ripen
–MONDAY, DEC 21st — 1 am – Cloture vote on Managers’ Amendment
–TUESDAY, DEC 22nd –7 am – Cloture vote on substitute
–WEDNESDAY, DEC 23rd — 1 pm 2pm— Cloture vote on overall bill
–THURSDAY, CHRISTMAS EVE — 7 pm 8am 7am– Final passage vote on health care reform

-Democrats are the majority in both houses of the U.S. Congress, so Republicans cannot stop them:
111th Congress (2009-2011): U.S. SENATE
Majority Party: Democrat (58 seats)
Minority Party: Republican (40 seats)
Other Parties: 1 Independent; 1 Independent Democrat (both vote mostly Democrat)
Total Seats: 100
111th Congress (2009-2011): U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
Majority Party: Democrat (257 seats)
Minority Party: Republican (178 seats)
Total Seats: 435

CBO: Revised Bill Raises Taxes and Spending More than Original One
It is unconstitutional to force Americans to buy insurance.

We Will Never Forget — Here’s Our Promise to Democrats Who Vote to Nationalize Health Care
A bill so reckless that it has to be rammed through on a partisan vote on Christmas eve
Obama’s HHS Sebelius: Everyone will pay into abortion-coverage fund
Democrat Harkin: “This is the beginning of health care reform” (Yep. Marxists takeover starts by slightly opening the door.)
Bribery: Cash For Corruptocrats

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