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OBAMA’S CHRISTMAS GIVE FOR YOU: He will force you to…

Posted by FactReal on December 22, 2009

…buy health insurance (under penalty of law)
even if you don’t want, don’t need it or can’t pay for it.

While you are enjoying Christmas, Senators will vote for ObamaCare on Christmas Eve at 8AM
Why Americans oppose Obama’s Health Care Reform

It is unconstitutional to force Americans to buy insurance

Bill will cut $483 billion from Medicare to finance the bill (CBO, page 10)

Analysis of the Senate Democrats’ Health Care Bill (Brief)

Bribery: Senators bought with YOUR money

Bill Raises Taxes and Spending (CBO)

Our Promises to Those Who Vote to Nationalize Health Care

A bill so reckless that it has to be rammed thru on Christmas eve

Everyone will pay into abortion-coverage fund

Democrat: “This is the beginning of health care reform”

Gluttonous Government Always Wants More
More Government, Less Individual Freedoms

What Will It Take For You To Fight For Your Freedom


One Response to “OBAMA’S CHRISTMAS GIVE FOR YOU: He will force you to…”

  1. Excellent! Why can’t people see the truth… or do they purposely ignore it so the workers keep working and be forced to pay for those who have no pride or work ethics. Keep up the good work!

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