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12/25/09 TERROR ATTEMPT: Explosives on Northwest/Delta flight from Amsterdam to Detroit

Posted by FactReal on December 25, 2009

Updated by FactReal on Dec. 28, 2009 (this page will be updated as more info comes in)

UNDERWEAR BOMBER: the Christmas Day bomb terrorist
The Attack
Terrorism on NWA Flight 253 – Al Qaeda connection
Terrorist tries to explode powdery substance aboard flight, BBC:

-Passengers on the Northwest Airlines Flight 253 operated by Delta on Christmas Day say a man was overpowered after trying to ignite an explosive device as the Airbus 330 approached Detroit from Amsterdam.
– The plot was organized by al-Qaeda leaders in Yemen after the suspect made contact with a radical imam in the country through the internet.
– They reportedly sewed bomb materials into the suspect’s underwear.
– The plane was carrying 278 passengers.

The Heroes
Passengers’ Quick Action Halted Attack
Meet hero Jasper Schuringa

The Terrorist
Terrorist identified: Meet the wealthy terrorist (H/t: Drudge)

– Nigerian named Abdul Farouk Umar Abdulmutallab:
– 23-year-old son of Alhaji Umaru Mutallab, former economics minister of Nigeria and retired chairman of First Bank of Nigeria
– Was an engineering student at the University College London (UCL) where students say he always did the bare minimum of work
– His father reported Abdul’s radical activities (like joining al-Qa’ida) to the U.S. Embassy in Abuja, capital of Nigeria
– Lives in an apartment building where flats have sold for up to £2.5m
– Is a devout Muslim
– Was on a terror watch list
– His student-visa request to re-enter Britain was refused because he applied to a fake college
– His father was surprised that his son had been allowed to travel to the U.S. after he had reported him to the authorities
– The US had known for at least 2 years that the suspect could have terrorist ties said an official briefing on the attack
– Abdul used cash to purchase his airline ticket on December 16 in Nigeria
– He took his window seat, number 19A (right above the wings and the fuel tank)
– He had only one piece of hand luggage and none in cargo (unusual for someone who was allegedly planning a 2-week stay in Detroit

Christmas Day Terrorist

Wealthy terrorist lived in expensive London apartment

The Connections:
London link (video): This terrorist had lived in London until last year.
Al Qaeda Connection (video): Al Qaeda in Yemen declared war on US days
before attempted plane bombing
Yemen Connection:

– The 23-year-old terrorist spent months in Yemen being trained for the Christmas Day suicide mission.
– He is connected to al Qaeda by the same radical imam, American-born Anwar Awlaki, who is linked to the American Army major accused of opening fire at Fort Hood in November.
– The bomb used was built in Yemen by a top al Qaeda bomb maker, according to investigators.

Stupid Reactionary Rules from American Authorities
Amazing! The terrorist gets charged as a criminal not as a terrorist/ enemy combatant: Read the Criminal Complaint (PDF) (H/t: FoundingBloggers)
This was an act of war: This terrorist was not caught trying to rob a grocery store…he did everything he could to kill 278 passengers and many more civilians on the ground. His terrorist attack did not succeed because of the passengers’ heroic act to stop him, a faulty detonator, and/or luck. But the terrorist gave his 100% to carry on an act of terrorism. He must be charged as a terrorist.

New rules for passengers…don’t stop terrorists: After passenger saves a plane from terrorist bombing– new rules require heroic passengers to stay seated during last hour of flight
Additional stupid, reactionary rules: Passengers will be allowed one carry-on item. (Didn’t they hear that Abdulmutallab’s bomb was not in his carry-on, it was sewn into his underwear.)
Another stupid rule: One hour before landing blankets and pillows will be removed. (More reactionary rules just because the terrorist covered himself with a blanket to detonate his bomb.) What if the terrorist would’ve carried his bomb in breast implants, will they ask women to remove them before boarding?

Christmas Day Terrorist's flight connection

12/27/09 Obama’s Homeland Security Sec. Janet Napolitano says the “system worked” (video) [update 12/28/09: Napolitano Now Says Terror Prevention System ‘Failed Miserably’]
12/27/09 Another attempt on a Sunday’s Detroit-bound flight by another Nigerian?:

The same Detroit-bound Northwest Airlines flight that was attacked on Christmas Day saw another security scare Sunday after a confrontation with a Nigerian who spent about an hour locked in the bathroom.

Liberals want to perpetuate the myth of the poor, oppressed jihadist…but the facts prove them wrong

12/28/09 Al-Qaeda Takes Responsibility For Detroit Terror Attempt
12/28/09 Al-Qaeda says plane attack was a response to U.S. attack on group in Yemen (H/t: Drudge)
12/28/09 Finally: After 3 days, Obama gives his flaccid comment on Detroit terrorism: His speech is perfunctory:

Obama doesn’t bother to wear a tie. He hastily reads a belated statement describing the incident like a small-town sheriff’s deputy rather than the leader of the free world…not looking at the camera and directing his statements at our enemies.

Liberals failed again: They defend the enemy and despise Americans

Liberals believe most of their fellow citizens are benighted troglodytes [who would respond with] xenophobic hate-crimes…It wasn’t the threat of al Qaeda-trained bombers blowing up Detroit-bound planes that concerned them. Rather, liberals feared that Americans might blame the Obama administration for failing to protect them from terrorists or — perhaps even worse — demand action against the violent extremists who want to kill us all.

Time to grow a pair
These terrorists must be treated as terrorists and must be killed before they kill us. Here is a list of Islamic attacks since 9/11.
Coward, silly rules are not going to keep us free and alive. These Islamic terrorists hate us because they want to hate us. The Crusades? Ah, yes, the Crusades were started by the Muslims with their prophet Muhammad in 630 A.D. The European Crusades started in 1096 A.D. to stop the Islamic Imperialism. United States did not exist then. (Another thing your teacher hid from you.)

Political correctness and utopian rationalization are blinding us, and will take us down.


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