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TWITTER: Leftist Vile Wishes for Rush Limbaugh

Posted by FactReal on December 31, 2009

Updated by FactReal on Jan. 20, 2010

Intolerance & hate from the liberals to Rush Limbaugh now that he is hospitalized.
All this vile just because they disagree with Rush Limbaugh:

WARNING: Vulgar and offensive language.
It is important for Americans to know how vile the Left is before they give them more control of our lives.

When you read the following tweets keep in mind that they are talking about a man who was hospitalized with severe chest pains.

Img_0026_normal rrebel2: @ThorMe Fuck Limbaugh with a limber dick. And you too.
1/2/2010 from Nambu
(editor’s note: this was @rrebel2 responding to @ThorMe)
Twitter2_normal cuntoftheday: Rush Limbaugh is Cunt of the Day for not dying. So many people die each day, why does hateful cunt Limbaugh get to live? http://bit.ly/M6tBk
1/2/2010 from TweetDeck
1/2/2010 from web
Republik125_normal FreeRepublik: Are you there, God? It’s me, Rush. (Or: Only the Good Die Young) http://www.politicartoons.com/2010/01/are-you-there-god-its-me-rush.html
1/1/2010 from TweetDeck
Sabrina4_normal SabrinaSpiher: Rush Limbaugh went to the hospital with chest pains! That is awesome. I hope you die, Rush Limbaugh. 1/1/2010 from txt
Zasx_normal deepseas72: Come on Rush. You gotta die sometime. Stop procrastinating.
1/1/2010 from web
Securedownload_normal DawsonRileyxxx: RT @TheRealZam: RT @dearfrank: My new years resolution is that Rush Limbaugh just die already. 1/1/2010 from Echofon
Wedding_pinup_normal okdanaseriously: dammit. rush limbaugh did’t die. here i totally had gotten my hopes up that ’10 was going to be limbaugh-free. 1/1/2010 from web
Church_010_normal sweetcop95: @Marnus3 I said he was too mean to live and not fit to die but, we see he is still full of hell. #Rush
1/1/2010 from Power Twitter in reply to Marnus3
Blossom_by_yueshi_normal whisper1111: Rush farts & 25 million people want him to die… talk about a foul odor
1/1/2010 from web
Me_normal PaigeEdrington: Dammit, Rush Limbaugh is fine. Maybe I’ll get lucky and Dick Cheney will stroke it up and die? A girl can hope. 1/1/2010 from web
Rowings_normal JB2050: Rush Limbaugh: Tests on heart after hospitalization found nothing wrong. http://bit.ly/51Nv7M /via @cnnbrk dammit why can’t he just die!! 1/1/2010 from Tweetie
Img_0354_normal gurusinghh: @jamsFkennedy @skeetonmytwitts MONEY SHOT RTRTRT yes rush deserves to die AND I HOPE HE BURNS IN HELL!!! 1/1/2010 from web
Little_dog_house_normal dogboner: Rush Limbaugh is morbidly obese and addicted to painkillers and snacks. I will celebrate his (hopefully very painful) death #tcot #gop #ocra 1/1/2010 from web
Mikes_avatar_normal mikepence: I’m glad that Rush Limbaugh does not have heart disease, because I have been rooting for cancer. 1/1/2010 from web
Avatarphoto_normal tattoo_hunter: So Rush fucking Limbaugh is still alive. Fuck.
1/1/2010 from Seesmic
Image_normal dsurman: Sadly, it looks like Rush will live. God is an asshole, teasing us like that. #DieRushDie /via @chainsawbuffet 1/1/2010 from Tweetie
Obamasanta_normal Pumpy_Beanis: who died. was it rush limbaugh. i hope it was because he’s a bad personb #tcot #dierushdie #gladhegotaheartattack 1/1/2010 from web
Danielspengies_normal danielspengies: WHY THE FUCK WON’T LIMBAUGH’S HEART DO THE RIGHT THING. Don’t make us suffer ANOTHER year of that gasbag… 1/1/2010 from web
pissshitdie: I saw rush limbaugh at a party last weekend. he ate all the snacks and clogged the toilet with his chode shits
12/31/2009 from Twitterrific · Reply · View Tweet
EntoMike: RT @Ashley_Stephens: So…if Rush Limbaugh dies in Hawaii, will his listeners believe the death certificate?
12/31/2009 from web · Reply · View Tweet
sarcasmking: RT @JackNacht: I wonder if the hospital agreed to feed Rush Limbaugh his normal diet of puppies and children’s tears.
12/31/2009 from web · Reply · View Tweet
mountaingirl08: Yes, we’ll pray 4 the old white trash — pray for his becoming unalive. Re Rush Limbaugh.
12/31/2009 from web · Reply · View Tweet
SkutMalfoy: People cheered when Hitler died, and Saddam. Not giving Limbaugh that much credit but why are people surprised? #tcot
12/31/2009 from web · Reply · View Tweet
JackNacht: I wonder if the hospital agreed to feed Rush Limbaugh his normal diet of puppies and children’s tears.
12/31/2009 from web · Reply · View Tweet
mjwstickings: REACTION: Rush Limbaugh deathwatch http://bit.ly/5iX8c6 (expand)
12/31/2009 from twitterfeed · Reply · View Tweet
FeedPaulLewis: @MsLauraD if rush limbaugh dies the world immediately becomes a better place!!! Btw, I expect a new years kiss tonight
ChrisCarvel: I’m normally not a praying man. but please God, kill Rush Limbaugh
12/31/2009 from web · Reply · View Tweet
MoarBiscuits: It’s too bad that Rush Limbaugh is probably going to die from heart problems. I was kinda hoping he'd die in a fire. *sigh*
12/31/2009 from web · Reply · View Tweet
calickizzle: btw, just to make clear I’m not wishing death on another human being, just RUsh Limbaugh. totally different species. #p2
12/31/2009 from TweetDeck · Reply · View Tweet

Sarahbearstare: So Farrah Fawcet, MJ, Patrick Swayze, Britney Murphey & Walter Cronkite all die this year yet Rush Limbaugh gets to live. 2009 fail.
12/31/2009 from TweetDeck · Reply · View Tweet
DerrillHolly: Beached Whale=Limbaugh Hospitalized in Hawaii. STOP BLUBBERING
12/31/2009 from web · Reply · View Tweet
bobskunk: Get well soon, Limbaugh, you shameful, hateful wreck of a human being. Nobody deserves to suffer, so be glad you can afford it. #prayforrush
12/31/2009 from TwitBin · Reply · View Tweet
Hurgledurf: Rush Limbaugh sent to the hospital with chest pains. Hope you die painfully, bro!
12/30/2009 from web · Reply · View Tweet
TheBeerNerd (David Eisenberg)

11:01 PM Dec 30th, 2009 from web Retweeted by 1 person Reply

Houston_Scott (Scott Hendrickson)

Everyone hold hands now and pray for Rush Limbaugh to die. #dierushdie
11:29 PM Dec 30th, 2009 from Twittelator · Reply


The left who uses nudity and destruction to protest
Liberal hate messages on Twitter for losing the 2010 Massachusetts senate race
Liberal hate mail…if you dare to think differently
At townhall meetings Americans asked questions. The left hit people and bit fingers off
Videos: Liberals demonizing those who think differently
Democrats created the KKK and opposed civil rights for African-Americans


As LDoren wrote: “The people calling for Rush Limbaugh to die are the same people who ask to control your healthcare.” 

Time and time again, liberals prove they are intolerant, judgmental, angry and tyrannical.


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