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FL ELECTIONS 2010: Will Charlie Crist Drop Out of Florida’s Senate Race?

Posted by FactReal on January 12, 2010

Updated by FactReal on Feb. 24, 2010
Via MichelleMalkin.com: RINO-sore: Crist loses home county straw poll to Rubio

Miami Herald/AP:  Republican activists in Gov. Charlie Crist’s home county voted 106-54 to support former House Speaker Marco Rubio in the U.S. Senate primary.

Monday night’s straw poll was the 11th conducted by a county Republican committee and Rubio has won them all.

The fact that Crist lost in Pinellas County, which he represented in the state Senate and where he’s lived nearly all his life, can’t be a good sign for Crist.

The Hug - Charlie Crist and Obama together pitching the $787 billion stimulus hoax

The Hug - Charlie Crist and Obama together pitching Obama's $787 billion stimulus hoax

RedState’s Erik Erickson predicts Crist will drop out:

Gov. Charlie Crist’s challenges:

. Handpicked GOP chair out: Crist stood by his man until the end, but Jim Greer’s resignation Monday as head of the Republican Party of Florida is a huge blow to the governor as he seeks to advance to the U.S. Senate.

. Agency heads under fire: Interim disaster planning chief Ruben Almaguer quit Monday over allegations of misconduct and misspending. And in recent weeks Crist has launched internal inquiries into allegations of misconduct against Department of Juvenile Justice Secretary Frank Peterman (extensive taxpayer-funded travel) and Department of Transportation Secretary Stephanie Kopelousos (the “pancake” commuter rail e-mails).

. Political contributor indicted: Fort Lauderdale lawyer Scott Rothstein, the biggest contributor in Crist’s campaign for U.S. Senate, will soon plead guilty to running a $1.2 billion Ponzi scheme. Rothstein is accused of laundering hundreds of millions of dollars to support the lifestyle of a tycoon.

. U.S. Senate fight: Former House Speaker Marco Rubio’s once upstart campaign now churns with legitimacy. Next week brings two critical tests for Crist: Pinellas County Republicans hold a Senate straw poll vote, and final 2009 fundraising numbers are released.

. Charlie Crist stumped for Obama’s stimulus package
. Gov. Crist signed law supported by ACORN to restore the voting rights of former convicts
. Charlie Crist turned a blind eye to ACORN’s shenanigans
. Governor Crist pushed the Global Warming Hoax
. Crist appointed liberal judges and turned his back on known conservative candidates

Charlie Crist helped Obama push his 'Stimulus' plan (EPA/WSJ)

Charlie Crist & leftist ACORN


his stance on issues

NY Times Fauxtography Attempt To Manipulate Florida Senate Race
(Leftist NYT subliminal messages pro-Charlie Crist)
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FL ELECTION 2010: Marco Rubio on the Census & Immigration (video)
LEFTY RACISM: Donny Deutsch calls Marco Rubio a ‘Coconut’
Jeb Bush: Crist’s stimulus support is “unforgivable” (2/23/2010)

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