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HAITI: U.S. Corporations and Citizens Donating Millions to Haiti Relief

Posted by FactReal on January 21, 2010

Will Haiti remember all the aid and assistance they are getting from the United States?
Despite the economic crisis, American citizens and companies are rushing to help.
Will the world forget America’s generosity? Will the left rewrite the history and call this ‘another American Imperialist intervention’?

Sources: Washington Post, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Fortune Magazine, CNN Money, WSJ, Chronicle of Philanthropy

Jefferies (Wall Street investment bank)$7 million
GE $2.5 million
The Rothschild Estates $2.5 million
Amgen (Biotech giant) $2 million
Microsoft $1.25 million
Google$1 million
Major League Baseball $1 million
UPS $1 million
Bank of America $1 million
(Note: The bank has paid back its taxpayer-funded bailout)
J.P. Morgan $1 million
Morgan Stanley $1 million
Goldman Sachs $1 million
Lowe’s $1 million
McDonald’s $1 million
PepsiCo $1 million plus Quaker Oats food, water and Gatorade
Abbott Labs (Drugmaker) $1 million in aid, including drugs and food
Comcast $1 million
Hewlett-Packard $750,000 and maybe another $250,000
Target $500,000
Wal-Mart $500,000 to the Red Cross and another $100,000 worth of food
GoDaddy $500,000
Yum! Brands  $500,000
Home Depot $100,000
Verizon’s $100,000
Wells Fargo $100,000
The Walt Disney Co. $100,000
Apple has set up a donation tool on its popular iTunes online music store
DHL sent a disaster-response team to help coordinate operations at the Port-au-Prince airport
FedEx will fly relief to the country
HAITI: It’s not Only America’s Duty to Help:

Everyone in the world community…expect American soldiers, marines and sailors to be first on the ground while US air assets are covering the stricken areas…When it gets bad for humanity, Uncle Sam is the superman we need. When nature is calm, the Jihadists and their acolytes raise hell about infidel America

…this time we want to see the hard core critics of international interventions opening their checkbooks… Hugo Chavez, who brags about helping the disenfranchised, must donate free Petrol to the island for at least one year. Morales should join in and offer some of Bolivia’s gas resources for heating. Lula, as Brazil’s economy is booming, must extend aid and increase his country’s participation in the UN’s operations in Haiti by ten times. The Castro regime sent 70,000 soldiers to fight an African resistance in Angola during the cold war, but they sent only 90 doctors to neighboring Haiti. Cuba must be a staging ground for humanitarian assistance and send seven divisions to help rebuilding the poorest of the poorest nations.

And across the seas, the Organization of Islamic Conference must ask its members, especially its very rich ones, to foot parts of the relief and reconstruction bills. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Iran and Libya can afford to save every single family in Haiti and help them face in the future…Influential al Jazeera and other networks should dedicate significant portions of their debates on how best to save millions of dispossessed people in Haiti inasmuch as they focus on best to free the 300 Jihadi terrorists across the bay, in Guantanamo.


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