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Posted by FactReal on January 28, 2010

State of the Union:
What did Obama say? What happened?
Reactions and analyses.

Chris Matthews: “I Forgot He Was Black Tonight For an Hour” (video)  
The Left’s obsession with race
White liberal TV host can’t stop talking about president’s skin color
Justice Alito To Obama: ‘Simply Not True!’
Obama forgets about separation of powers.
Rush Limbaugh’s Open Letter to President Obama
Rush gives Obama some fatherly advice
Heritage Responds To The State Of The Union
Staying the Course: The same agenda in more humble clothes.
Rove: The State of the Union Is No ‘Reset’ Button
SOTU: A View From Inside The Chamber
A Speech Only Washington Could Love
LOBBYISTS: Obama’s long list of lobbyists
The Public Student Loan Option
– According to the latest Rasmussen Reports poll, only 29% of U.S. voters now say the country is heading in the right direction, the lowest level of voter confidence in the nation’s current course so far this year. (H/t: Heritage)
– Despite President Obama’s supposed spending freeze, the federal government expects to add more government jobs. (H/t: Heritage)
– According to not one, but two, New York Times Supreme Court analysts, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito was correct when he mouthed “not true” after President Obama mischaracterized the Supreme Court’s recent campaign finance law decision. (H/t: Heritage)
Just after the speech, Obama campaigns for more donations
AP Fact Checks Obama’s SOTU Speech
– BO calls for another stimulus, er, “jobs bill”. He wants to re-spend TARP money that was paid back this year. (Via GatewayPundit)
– Obama brags about stimulus money for research..including half a million to junk scientist Michael Mann (Via GatewayPundit)
Obama’s record spending (Via GatewayPundit)
Obama is the most divisive first year president ever (Via GatewayPundit)
– Obama calls for earmark reform- after including 9,000 earmarks in 2009 Omnibus (Via GatewayPundit)
– Obama can’t admit that we won in Iraq only that this war is ending. Sad. Obama forgot to say that he endorsed genocide
Obama tripled the US national deficit and doubled unemployment (charts)
Obama Spending Freeze 101 (charts, videos)
The Spending ‘Freeze’ That Isn’t
Spending Freeze – Too Little, Too Late
Obama’s State Of The Union – Transcript

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