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Posted by FactReal on February 28, 2010

Updated by FactReal on June 30, 2010

Year 2009

  • Why Obama wants control of the Census: Counting citizens is a powerful political tool (Feb. 10, 2009)
  • Obama Census Plan: Use illegal aliens to redraw the political map and secure a permanent Democrat majority (April 3, 2009)
    US Census Bureau links to Obama’s ACORN (Sept. 13, 2009)
    KY Census Worker Committed Suicide – The Left had blamed the Tea Party Protesters (Nov. 24, 2009)
    KY Census worker killed himself – When will the Left retract the Kentucky census worker case smear? (Nov. 24, 2009)
    NBC’s “Law and Order” blames conservatives (Dec. 9, 2009)

    February 2010
    The Super-Sized Census Boondoggle (Feb. 5, 2010)
    Indoctrination Watch: Student contest for “best census cheer” (Feb. 5, 2010)
    The 10 Census questions (Feb 8, 2010)
    Census Bureau blows $2.5 million on reminder to be counted (Feb. 8, 2010)
    Another Census survey: The American Community Survey – Do you have difficulty dressing or bathing? (Feb. 10, 2010)
    Audit finds US census preparations wasted millions (Feb 16, 2010)
    Your tax dollars at work…fortune cookies (Feb. 22, 2010)

    March 2010
    Foot soldiers for census ease jobless rate (March 4, 2010)
    On Census survey answer “American” as your race (March 9, 2010)
    Census workers’ true confessions – 1 (March 30, 2010)
    The Census: continuing the racial divide (March 30, 2010)
    The census plan – proving bureaucracy does not work (Update) (March 30, 2010 )
    Census workers’ true confessions – 2 (March 31, 2010)
    Reuters worried that Latinos might shun Census (March 31, 2010)

    April 2010
    Obama fills out census form; Identifies his race (April 1, 2010)
    Why conservatives should fill out the census form (April 1, 2010)
    The White House is championing “Queer the Census” (April 1, 2010)
    Census workers’ true confessions – 3 (April 2, 2010)
    Obama Census Workers Are Sending Out Two Forms to Select Households (April 2, 2010)
    D.C. Leader Calls on Illegal Immigrants to Fill Out Census for Taxpayer-Funded Resources. (April 6, 2010)
    Census marketing: “Get YOUR fair share from the federal government!” (April 7, 2010)
    Obama administration has exploited the census boondoggle for both economic and ideological gain (April 7, 2010)
    Census Bureau concerned about head count problems (April 8, 2010)
    Left-wing lawyers: Minority criminals have a right to Census boondoggle jobs, too! (April 13, 2010)
    Obama’s Census: Why he checked “African-American” and forgot his white mother (April 30, 2010)

    May 2010
    Census ‘has computer problem’… (May 1, 2010)
    U.S. Census Bureau spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on unused promotional items (May 5, 2010)
    Census Bureau making up anti-government concerns (May 5, 2010)
    Census temporary jobs pad unemployment numbers (May 6, 2010)
    Census jobs help Obama’s job numbers (May 7, 2010)
    Census worker carjacked, kidnapped by teen (May 10, 2010)
    Woman raped by census worker, more (May 11, 2010)
    Census ‘to use Internet’ in future counts… (May 14, 2010)
    How many “friendly reminders” will the Census Bureau send? (May 14, 2010)
    Man bitten in stomach by Census worker’s dog… (May 19, 2010)
    Mom recognizes Census taker as sex offender (May 19, 2010)
    DHS issues arrest warrant for Census sex offender… (May 21, 2010)
    Police kill gun-wielding woman who refused to answer Census questions , more (May 22, 2010)
    Census workers become whistleblowers: Census firing & re-hiring to benefit job creation numbers (May 25, 2010)
    Libertarian Bob Barr says Census workers can enter your apartment in your absence? (May 27, 2010)

    June 2010
    Police arrest Census taker (June 1, 2010)
    The Census Bureau’s Recent History of Throwing Billions of Dollars Down the Drain (June 2, 2010)
    Census Worker Claims Job Numbers Being Inflated (June 4, 2010)
    Census Purposely Over-Hired As ‘Cost-Saving Measure’ (June 4, 2010)
    Obama cheers Census workers jobs (June 4, 2010)
    Census bureau official linked to Blagojevich (June 17, 2010)
    WAPO says incidents of hostility, violence against census workers on the rise (June 20, 2010)
    Two Census Bureau managers fired for creating 10,000 bogus questionnaires (June 26, 2010)
    How the 2010 Census will impact investments (June 29, 2010)


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    Miami Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary of the Tea Party Movement – 2/27/2010

    Posted by FactReal on February 27, 2010

    Miami patriots came to celebrate the first anniversary of the Tea Party movement which started last year in February 2009 to protest against government waste and expansion. We are concerned citizens of every stripe (old, young, Independents, Americans, Hispanics, Conservatives, Democrats, Republicans.) We are Americans against the staggering money being wasted by Washington and the control they want to exert upon us.

    (GatewayPundit, thanks for linking to this post.)

    The tax revolts started in February 2009:

    Porkulus Protest - click image for report & photos
    2/16/09 Protesting the Porkulus “Stimulus” Bill,
    2/16/09 Seattle Tea Party, more photos
    2/17/2009 Denver Anti-Stimulus Rally
    2/19/2009 Rick Santelli of CNBC called for a
    “Chicago Tea Party”
    leading the charge for calls to revolt
    against the Obama Administration’s
    mortgage bailout plan.
    Song: God Bless the USA!
    We are proud Americans who
    want this nation to remain free.
    Facts about the Tea Parties

    1,500 Rally at St. Louis Tea Party Coalition Anniversary Protest
    1000+ Attendees at the Dallas Tea Party Today
    New York City Tea Party One Year Anniversary 2010 (Hat tip: Atlas Shrugs)
    British Tea Party Movement to launch on Saturday
    LEFTY RACISM: Donny Deutsch calls Marco Rubio a ‘Coconut’
    HYPOCRISY: Democrats love the ‘Nuclear Option’ now, but hated it under Bush
    …more at FactReal’s sitemap

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    FLORIDA ELECTIONS 2010: Marco Rubio’s AMEX Expenses Were for Promoting the Republican Party and Raised $12 Million

    Posted by FactReal on February 26, 2010

    Marco Rubio, candidate for the U.S. Senate, explains that the American Express charges were incurred while promoting the Republican Party.
    – Marco Rubio: The credit card charges of nearly $110,000 in charges over 25 months were for “legitimate travel to promote the Republican Party of Florida, help Republican candidates and participate in county party fundraisers around the state.”

    – “If you can raise $12 million on $110,000, we all should be that good,” said Sharon Day, the state party’s national committeewoman.

    – “It’s very convenient that the only one that gets released (is Rubio’s),” Sharon Day said. “This is silly. They want to talk about $110,000 in 25 months when Delmar [Greer’s executive director] spent $130,000 in one month.”

    – “Greer resigned from the party under pressure after reports of lavish spending on jet planes and extravagant meals and entertaining. Greer’s executive director, Delmar Johnson, was given a secret contract that pumped his compensation up to $408,000.”
    …more at Associated Press (or here)

    LEFTY RACISM: Donny Deutsch calls Marco Rubio a ‘Coconut’
    FL ELECTIONS 2010: Staffers Abandoning Charlie Crist
    FL ELECTIONS 2010: Marco Rubio Gets Standing Ovation at CPAC 2010
    FL ELECTIONS 2010: Marco Rubio on the Census & Immigration (video)
    FL ELECTIONS 2010: Charlie Crist vs. Marco Rubio…and their records

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    Posted by FactReal on February 26, 2010

    Islamic terrorists have been attacking Americans long before 9/11. One of those attacks is the 1993 World Trade Center bombing:
    “On the morning of Feb. 26, 1993, Eyad Ismoil drove a rented Ryder Ford F350 Econoline truck packed with 1,500 pounds of fertilizer-based explosives into level B-2 of the underground garage beneath the World Trade Center. Ismoil departed, leaving a timing device set to detonate the explosives a while later.

    At 12:18 p.m., the bomb exploded, killing six, creating a crater 150 feet in diameter that blew a hole five floors deep in the parking garage. The towers, however, did not fall.

    Killed were John DiGiovanni, Robert Kirkpatrick, Stephen Knapp, William Macko, Wilfredo Mercado and Monica Smith.

    Yousef, the mastermind of the plot, later said he had hoped to kill tens of thousands.

    The explosives were manufactured at a Jersey City apartment, using chemicals ordered from a supply company. They were placed in the truck at a rented storage shed alongside three tanks of compressed hydrogen gas, purchased to enhance the destructive power of the explosives.

    The plotters, including Yousef and Yasin, built the bombs using manuals brought from Pakistan.”

    WTC Bombing, 1993, Islamic Attacks against USA

    1993 WTC BOMBING, an Islamic attack

    Organizations: Al-Qaeda, Al-Gamaa al-Islamiyya, Liberation Army Fifth Battalion Al Fareeq Al Rokn, Abu Bakr Al Makkee.

    Terrorists: Ramzi Yousef (Operational Commander), Eyad Ismoil (Attacker). Facilitators: Mohammad Salameh, Nidal Ayyad, Abdul Rahman Yasin, Mahmud Abouhalima, Ahmad Mohammed Ajaj. Financier: Khalid Shaikh Mohammed

    – United States vs. Yousef, et. al., indictment.
    – The 9-11 Commission Report. July 22, 2004.
    Global Security

    Have you forgotten? World Trade Center bombing, 17 years later

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    RAPSHEET: Democrat Tom Harkin

    Posted by FactReal on February 25, 2010

    From L to R: Democrat John Kerry, Tom Harkin, Harkin's wife, Marxist Nicaraguan Dictator Daniel Ortega

    Democrat Tom Harkin supported the Marxist Sandinistas in Nicaragua.

    The photo: Harkin and John Kerry aided Marxist Sandinista Dictator Daniel Ortega while Ortega was enslaving the Nicaraguan people.

    “…in April 1985 Harkin and fellow neophyte Senator John F. Kerry (D-Massachusetts) flew to Nicaragua…to give propaganda support to its Marxist rulers only days before a scheduled congressional vote on President Ronald Reagan’s requested aid for Nicaragua’s anti-Communist freedom fighters. After embracing Daniel Ortega in front of news cameras, Harkin and Kerry flew back to Washington with a document signed by Ortega in which the latter claimed to be “non-aligned” between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. (But years earlier Ortega’s brother Humberto had declared: “We [Sandinistas] are anti-Yankee, we are against the bourgeoisie…we are guided by the scientific doctrine of the revolution, by Marxism-Leninism.” Humberto Ortega also had said that the Sandinistas intended to “crush” all who dissented from their rule.)

    The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives, lobbied by Harkin and Kerry, voted against giving aid (as requested by President Reagan) to the anti-Communist Contras…[T]he very moment the vote against President Reagan’s request was taking place, Daniel Ortega was aboard a Soviet airliner flying to Moscow to pledge his allegiance to the Soviet Union.”
    …more about Tom Harkin

    Fake war hero Tom Harkin


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    OBAMA’S HEALTH CARE SUMMIT: Campaign Theater, Oba-Kabuki, ShamWoW Infomercial, Dog-and-Pony show

    Posted by FactReal on February 25, 2010

    IBDeditorials Ramirez cartoon: GOP goes canoeing with Obama
    Democrat Confirms Socialist Trick
    During the Show:
    ObamaCare Summit Show: live via c-span 2/25/2010 at 9:45am
    Live Health Care Dog & Pony Show From the Blair House (Video Link)
    Blowhard-a-thon at Blair House: Health care summit open thread
    Heritage liveblogging

    After the Show:
    Highlights: The best freak-show moments from the health-care freak show

    Senator Sanders confirms that reconciliation is the foot-in-the-door strategy for more socialist programs.

    ShamWow Summit:
    “Designed to obfuscate this truth and devoid of any attempt to establish a shared, bi-partisan principle for reform, the Obama Administration’s summit constitutes a ShamWoW! infomercial for incrementally socialized medicine that threatens Americans’ health care; imposes double taxation on most Americans who are responsibly trying to save for their future during this painful recession; devolves private health insurance companies into government-dictated utilities; and further erodes the public’s waning faith that their government institutions are truly representative.

    …the Republican leadership has no choice. It must NOT accept the administration’s disingenuous summit invitation to “negotiate.”

    To accept would abet a deceit upon the people; and violate the principle that transparency in government exists to reveal the truth and promote the public’s confidence in their representative institutions, not to foster misperceptions and subvert the public’s confidence in their representative institutions.”

    Will They Unmask the Liar:
    “President Obama has a habit of making false statements, and getting away with them. At a Republican conference in Baltimore last month, for example, he denied that his budget nearly triples the national debt over 10 years. He got away with it because he didn’t face follow-up questions or objections.

    It’s not easy to criticize a president face to face…The presidency commands respect. Americans expect the president to be treated with dignity and deference, making criticizing him to his face politically risky.

    But it’s necessary, because Mr. Obama is basing his health-care pitch on the false premise that he can drive down health-care prices by creating a pricey new entitlement. He also maintains that he can do this without creating a mountain of federal debt or a bureaucracy that will determine when Americans can receive care.”

    Ronald Reagan Spoke Against Socialized Medicine:
    “Back in 1927 an American socialist, Norman Thomas,…said the American people would never vote for socialism. But he said under the name of liberalism the American people will adopt every fragment of the socialist program.

    …One of the traditional methods of imposing statism or socialism on a people has been by way of medicine.

    It’s very easy to disguise a medical program as a humanitarian project, most people are a little reluctant to oppose anything that suggests medical care for people who possibly can’t afford it.

    …this foot-in-the door philosophy…“If we can only break through and get our foot inside the door, then we can expand the program after that.

    …Well, let us see what the socialists themselves have to say about it. They say once the…bill is passed this nation will be provided with a mechanism for socialized medicine capable of indefinite expansion in every direction until it includes the entire population. Now we can’t say we haven’t been warned.

    …and behind [this bill] will come other federal programs that will invade every area of freedom as we have known it in this country until one day as Norman Thomas said we will wake to find that we have socialism…[and] we are going to spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children, what it once was like in America when men were free.”

    Krauthammer: Health Summit Campaign is ‘Theater’
    The Stage:
    “White House health reform summit has been designed to preserve President Obama’s home court advantage. The president, Vice President Biden and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius will get the first word on every topic during Thursday’s meeting.”

    “Participants will be seated at tables in a hollow square setup.”

    Obama’s Kabuki Theater

    The Props

    The Setup: Taxpayer funded media event designed to setup passage ObamaCare 2.0

    Bipartisanship?…No love from Democrats

    CBO Can’t Score Obama Plan, No Details
    Obama’s Proposal – Myths Versus Facts
    FACTS: OBAMA-CARE 101 – Why Americans Oppose It

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