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Obama’s 16 Lies in 7 Minutes: 2010 State of the Union (video, links)

Posted by FactReal on February 1, 2010

This video is great. Here are some of the lies Obama said last week during the 2010 State of the Union.
Via NakedEmperorNews:

List of Obama’s Lobbyists
Largest government waste during Obama Administration (PDF of earmarks, bailouts, “stimulus”)
Obama’s big spending is driving deficit upwards (charts)
Republicans Party of No? Democrats blocked Republican amendments to ObamaCare (links)
Obama budget exposes nuclear lie

Obama’s Debt deluge: Here comes the $1.6 trillion flood of red ink
Obama pretends to be a deficit hawk while at the same time proposes a $3.8 trillion spending plan (video)

It’s becoming easy to analyze Obama: whatever Obama says believe the contrary

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