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RONALD REAGAN…Why He is Still Important to Americans

Posted by FactReal on February 6, 2010

On the 99th birthday of President Ronald Reagan, we remember his great legacy of leadership, optimism, courage, and his relentless fight for freedom. His words still resonate today because they were enduring truths derived from principles…and principles are ageless.
A Time For Choosing
(Rendezvous with Destiny)

Reagan’s Legacy:
The history of the Reagan presidency shows how he revitalized the United States economy at a time of one of the most serious crises since the Great Depression of the 1930s. His program of lower tax rates across the board, regulatory reform, stable monetary policy, and slowing the growth of federal spending, produced the longest peacetime period of economic growth in the history of the nation. On the international front his strategy and actions rebuilt our national defense capabilities, restored the position of the U.S. in world leadership, and took the courageous actions that ultimately led to the end of the Cold War, with the cause of freedom winning.

Equally important in endearing him to the American people was Reagan’s style of leadership. He had a vision of where America should be going and he was able to communicate that vision to the American people. It depended greatly on his concept of why America was good and why the American people had achieved so much in what has been a relatively new nation on the face of the earth. He admired the Founders and was able to relate their ideas of liberty, civic virtue, and opportunity to the people of the current generation. Even in difficult times, his cheerfulness and optimism gave the people the hope that, as he would put it, “America’s best days are yet ahead.”

…[H]is faith in God and his faith in the American people enabled him to maintain his posture of enthusiastic leadership and ultimately to prevail over numerous obstacles.

On Freedom:
Tear Down This Wall

Against Socialized Health Care
Today’s Many Reagans:
He was …an ordinary man who became an extraordinary president…

He convinced a demoralized nation coming from an era of spirit-sapping lethargy that we were a shining city on a hill…

Conservatives need to constantly remind themselves that a leader like Reagan only comes along once in a lifetime, if that.

And yet today we may be seeing the ultimate tribute to Reagan. Millions of Americans are rising up and doing the Reagan thing for themselves. Knowingly or not, they’re standing astride the Keynesian stream and yelling “Hayek”. They’re going to the polls in places like Massachusetts and saying “If you want prosperity, tear down this stupid statist tradition”. They’re gathering in their hundreds of thousands and saying “our nation is a shining city on a hill – and it’s not because of our bureaucracy; it’s because of our indivisible prosperity and sacred liberty!”.

On Taxes
Brief Biography
A graduate of Eureka College, IL, 1932, he announced for radio stations in Iowa. He married Jane Wyman and had children Maureen and Michael. He was a Captain in the U.S. Army Air Corp during World War II, then became an actor, appearing in over 50 films. He was President of the Screen Actors Guild, switched from Democrat to Republican, and became Governor of California. His second marriage, to Nancy Davis, 1952, had children Patti and Ron. His name was Ronald Reagan, born FEBRUARY 6, 1911, and died June 5, 2004. At age sixty-nine, he was the oldest person elected U.S. President, and sixty-nine days after his inauguration, he survived an assassination attempt. At the Alfred M. Landon Lecture Series, 1982, Ronald Reagan stated: “We can’t have it both ways. We can’t expect God to protect us in a crisis and just leave Him over there on the shelf in our day-to-day living. I wonder if sometimes He isn’t waiting for us to wake up, He isn’t maybe running out of patience.” At Reunion Arena in Dallas, 1984, Ronald Reagan stated: “America needs God more than God needs America. If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a Nation gone under.”

Defending the Reagan Deficits

Heritage Foundation: Ronald Reagan
The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
Ronald Reagan Speeches
Reagan Archives


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