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Do Red-Light Cameras make Intersections More Dangerous? (CBS2 David Goldstein Report) Update: Full text PDF

Posted by FactReal on February 15, 2010

Updated by FactReal on Sept. 3, 2010

UPDATE 9/3/2010: Here is a PDF screenshot/Google’s cache of the original report ‘Do Cameras Make Intersections More Dangerous?’ by CBS2’s David Goldstein Report. The report has been removed from the original link.
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Back in November 2009, David Goldstein at CBS2 – KCAL9 (Los Angeles) presented an investigative report that found that red-light cameras at intersections can actually cause accidents:

We looked at every accident at every red light camera intersection for six months of data before the cameras were installed and six months after.

The final figures? Twenty of the 32 intersections show accidents up after the cameras were installed! Three remained the same and only nine intersections showed accidents decreasing.

At Manchester Avenue and Figueroa Street, accidents more than tripled from five before the cameras were installed to 16 afterwards. Westwood Boulevard and Wilshire Boulevard tripled from three to nine. At Rodeo Road and La Brea Avenue, collisions nearly tripled from seven in the six months before the cameras were installed to 20 in the same period afterwards.

The reason?

“People see the light flash and they slam on their brakes,” Ellison said. “That’s just human nature. As a result, more accidents, more rear end accidents.”

Money over Safety:

“Los Angeles made over $4 million in 2008 on violators caught on red light cameras.

But the LAPD says it is safety, not money. They say accidents are down. They showed me statistics putting the drop at nearly 34 percent.

But they only count collisions caused by someone going through the red light, not by rear end accidents or any others at an intersection.”

Read their whole story: Here.


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