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Posted by FactReal on February 20, 2010

NEWS ROUNDUP: Some Tea Partiers Met with Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Michael Steel this past Tuesday, February 16, 2010
Tweet Notifying Meeting with Michael Steele: Meeting of Michael Steele & Tea Party Activists
Attending the Meeting with Michael Steele were:
– Karen Hoffman from DC Works For Us (Florida)
– Marcos Sendon from South Florida Conservative
– Greg Haddock from Hoosier Patriots
– Lisa Miller from Tea Party WDC (Washington, DC)
and others.
Pundits Talking About the Tea Party and GOP
GOP Michael Steele After Meeting
with Tea Partiers

CNN & Karin Hoffman from DC Works For Us

Greta & Karin Hoffman

MSNBC & Lisa Miller from WDC

Marcos Sendon from South Florida Conservative attended the meeting and wrote:
“…it was indeed my honor to meet more than 30 grass roots organizations from around the Republic. They came from Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Georgia, yet all of us are bound by the sense that the Constitution is in peril. We are unified by the the yearning to have true conservative belief, principle and representation return to a political organization we once called home. We all realized that we are independent, but together.

Not all organizations were represented as some feel that more trust must be established before any sort of meeting can take place. However, those of us that were present are leaving Washington DC with renewed hope that our efforts are not in vain. We are leaving with the knowledge that new bonds have been established and will be cultivated with neighboring organizations throughout Florida, and throughout this great Republic.

Some suggested that we arrived here in order be “absorbed” (any old trekkies know the term “Are you of the body of Landrew..?”). Their erroneous notion was that we went to capitulate, rollover and have our bellies scratched. They could not be farther from the truth. What was supposed to be an hour meeting with GOP Chairman Michael Steele turned into a three-and-a-half hour exchange.

In that time every last one of us present in turn presented our thoughts and very large concerns to the chairman. One of the biggest points of concern was the meeting that will take place on February 25 between Republican leaders and President Obama regarding health care. The fact that Mr. Obama never bothered to have cameras present when he was secretly – and sometimes not so secretly – buying DC out for his monstrous health care bill. Yet he will host a “dog and pony show” before the opposition. We not only voiced our strong disapproval of even showing up at this circus, we also were very careful to point out that capitulation before the president on this issue should not just stop at no, but at “HELL NO”.”

Washington Post
NewTimes: South Florida Tea Party Not Happy
NewTimes: Karin Hoffman Responds to Critics
The Atlantic: Some Tea Partiers Question Meeting With Steele
NewsMax: Tea Parties Warn of ‘Coordinated Assault’

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