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GLENN BECK responds to critics: “I don’t want a third party”

Posted by FactReal on February 23, 2010

Glenn Beck responded yesterday to conservatives not happy with his CPAC speech.
Glenn Beck: “It seems that some people think that I was wanting some sort of third party. Nope.
I just think the American people…just want a party that stands for something.
You know — it’s holding your own side’s feet to the fire that delivers a party like that.

Sure, it’s important to acknowledge the individual Republicans fighting the good fight. I think we do that on this program. CPAC — they had already done a good job of that …most of the speeches during the weekend were made by people I tend to agree with…If you watch this show at all, you know that I highlight good conservatives inside the Republican Party. Jim DeMint’s on this show….I think….as much as I’m on this show…

The problem is progressivism. Does anyone seriously think that Mike Pence is who I’m talking about when I say Republican progressives?…

I don’t want a third party. I think that might be a very bad idea.”

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Mark Levin To Glenn Beck: ‘Stop Dividing Us’ (audio) (H/t: GatewayPundit)


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