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FLORIDA ELECTIONS 2010: Marco Rubio Answers To Credit Card Charges

Posted by FactReal on February 24, 2010

Updated by FactReal on Feb. 26, 2010

Marco Rubio’s $110,000 AMEX Expenses Were for Promoting the Republican Party and Raised $12 Million
“If you can raise $12 million on $110,000, we all should be that good,” said Sharon Day,
the state party’s national committeewoman.

U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio explained his American Express credit card charges during his time as Florida House Speaker.

Via MarcoRubio.com: Marco Rubio vs Charlie Crist credit card
During my leadership at the party, my efforts focused on promoting a strong conservative agenda and raising more than $12 million dollars to protect Republican seats. In order to accomplish these goals, I had an American Express card from February of 2005 through November of 2008. While that card is commonly referred to as an “RPOF AMEX,” it was in fact secured under my name, my Social Security number, and my personal credit through the Corporate Division of American Express. On its website, Americanexpress.com, the company clearly outlines the billing practices for the corporate card as follows:

“Each Cardmember submits an expense report in accordance with your company policy. Your company issues a single check to American Express for all authorized charges, streamlining your payment process. Cardmembers can pay American Express directly for unapproved and personal charges.” In accordance with this procedure, each month, the RPOF would approve and pay only those expenses related to my role with the Republican Party.

When it came to incurring expenses, I erred on the side of caution and maintained two operating principles: If it was questionable as to whether the expense was state or Party related, I tried to err on the side of saving taxpayer money by charging that expense to the Party. If it was a question between Party expenses or personal expenses, I tried to err on the side of protecting Party money by paying personally for those charges directly.

During the 25-month period covered by the leaked documents, the Party authorized and made payments of $109,618.45 for my charges directly related to my work for the Party.

As you will see, 89% of my Party expenses were for travel, lodging, fuel, car rentals and meals related to my official work for the party. During this time I crisscrossed the state countless times for Lincoln/Reagan dinners, GOP fundraisers, and other party business. In all, more than half of my expenses were transportation costs: 40% for commercial airline travel and 14% for car rentals, tolls, parking and fuel.

As a point of reference, during this time period, the charges on my card amounted to approximately 3% of the Party’s total American Express expenditures. In fact, I had fewer expenses in two years than my opponent’s handpicked RPOF Executive Director spent in just one month.

During the period in question, there was no formal process provided by the Party regarding personal charges made on an AMEX account. At no time during my four years as a cardholder did the party ask me to provide additional information about, or personally pay, any of the charges I submitted for payment. I always took it upon myself to identify and directly pay American Express for all non-official expenses. During the two-year period in question, I made $16,052.50 in direct payments to AMEX to cover non-party related expenditures.

To the greatest extent possible, I made sure the Party never paid for any personal charges. In fact, all of my statements were- at least I certainly hope they were- reviewed and approved by former Chairman Jim Greer or others designated by him.”

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