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RUSH LIMBAUGH vs. GLENN BECK: Who Spanked Whom (video)

Posted by FactReal on February 24, 2010

Rush’s Spanking: If you hate Limbaugh and if you love him, you’ll like this video
Caller scolds Limbaugh for not ripping the Republicans enough
and for criticizing Glenn Beck’s CPAC speech (where Beck again equated Republicans with Democrats).

Limbaugh responded with an actual spanking…watch video…very funny.

Rush loves to use irony and parody to show how ridiculous a point is, i.e., “Republicans are like the Democrats.”
When Republicans have failed is when they behaved like Democrats/progressives/liberals/leftists. In the Republican Party those are the RINOs (Republicans-In-Name-Only).

GLENN BECK FULL SPEECH AT CPAC – The Good, the Bad,…and the Wrong
UNLIKE GLENN BECK, Conservatives see Difference between Republicans and Democrats


One Response to “RUSH LIMBAUGH vs. GLENN BECK: Who Spanked Whom (video)”


    Republicans have failed us in the past but right now… they are the only ones standing between the American people and communism… The Republicans are not perfect nor have they been, but right now they need support… They need re-enforcements.

    They are the last line of defense right now and are the only ones holding down the fort.

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