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Miami Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary of the Tea Party Movement – 2/27/2010

Posted by FactReal on February 27, 2010

Miami patriots came to celebrate the first anniversary of the Tea Party movement which started last year in February 2009 to protest against government waste and expansion. We are concerned citizens of every stripe (old, young, Independents, Americans, Hispanics, Conservatives, Democrats, Republicans.) We are Americans against the staggering money being wasted by Washington and the control they want to exert upon us.

(GatewayPundit, thanks for linking to this post.)

The tax revolts started in February 2009:

Porkulus Protest - click image for report & photos
2/16/09 Protesting the Porkulus “Stimulus” Bill,
2/16/09 Seattle Tea Party, more photos
2/17/2009 Denver Anti-Stimulus Rally
2/19/2009 Rick Santelli of CNBC called for a
“Chicago Tea Party”
leading the charge for calls to revolt
against the Obama Administration’s
mortgage bailout plan.
Song: God Bless the USA!
We are proud Americans who
want this nation to remain free.
Facts about the Tea Parties

1,500 Rally at St. Louis Tea Party Coalition Anniversary Protest
1000+ Attendees at the Dallas Tea Party Today
New York City Tea Party One Year Anniversary 2010 (Hat tip: Atlas Shrugs)
British Tea Party Movement to launch on Saturday
LEFTY RACISM: Donny Deutsch calls Marco Rubio a ‘Coconut’
HYPOCRISY: Democrats love the ‘Nuclear Option’ now, but hated it under Bush
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