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GLENN BECK’S NOLAN QUIZ: Did Glenn Beck say Conservatives are Racists…to Push a Libertarian Agenda? (video, Feb. 26, 2010)

Posted by FactReal on March 1, 2010

Last Friday, Glenn Beck asked his audience to take a test to find out
‘Who They Are’ politically?
Glenn Beck asked Americans to find out if they are liberals/progressives, conservatives, or libertarians?

Did Beck predispose the public to answer ‘libertarian’ as their political inclination when he repeatedly said that he believes that “most Americans are libertarians”?

Did Beck imply that conservatives are racists when he said: “I don’t know why you would say you are a
conservative at this point: ‘Hey! I just want to be called that racist hatemonger.'”

Is Glenn Beck pushing a libertarian agenda at the expense of conservatives?

Libertarian Ron Paul & marijuana
Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) blames America for the Islamic terrorism…and forgets the Islamic Crusades
UNLIKE GLENN BECK, Conservatives see Difference between Republicans and Democrats
MUSLIM CRUSADES Started Four Centuries Before the Western Crusades

THE REAL THREATS: Leftist policies
The Democrat Party has been hijacked by leftists/progressives/statists/liberals. The RINOs infiltrated the Republican Party with their liberal agendas which lead Republicans to make many mistakes. But not all Republicans are RINOs. The libertarian platform adopts many liberal ideas such as legalizing drugs and prostitution, rejecting God, blaming America first, intolerance, etc. Americans have awakened and reject the liberal policies. Republicans with all their mistakes did not take us so close to the precipice. Most Republicans seem to have learned the lesson…most have voted against Obama’s destructive bills. But the fight is not over; leftists still want to impose their radical policies:
Obama’s Perverse Priorities
Democrats: Screw bipartisanship, full steam ahead on Obamacare hara-kiri
Pelosi on Rangel: Big deal, it’s not like he endangered national security or anything
The latest on the Holder/DOJ national security cover-up
Upward Bound Is Down… Radical Sexual Indoctrination of Kids Is In
Obama Supporter Warren Buffett Would Scrap Health Care Bill
Lefty George Soros: Another Golden Match for Arianna Huffington


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