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OBAMACARE: House “Reconciliation” Bill H.R.4872 (link)

Posted by FactReal on March 18, 2010

Here is the just-released 153-page text of the House “Reconciliation” Bill (a.k.a. Wreckonciliation)
via the House Rules Committee.

BUT as BigGovernment.com reports:

In the strange, ‘through the looking glass’ world that is the House Democrat Leadership, they will vote for these “fixes” to the Senate passed health care bill. In voting for these fixes, the House will ‘deem’ that the Senate Health Care bill is passed. See, the Democrats can vote for the fixes without having to vote for the bill that is being fixed.We already knew they don’t have to read bills to pass them. Now, they don’t have to vote for them either.

The Senate, then, will dutifully enact all of these “fixes,” by using elaborate procedural tricks and at least a couple votes to override the Senate Parliamentarian. Right, like that is going to happen.

For those keeping score at home, the whole idea of a reconciliation bill is simply to provide cover for House Democrats to pass the Senate Bill. The Senate will never take up reconciliation. The Senate bill will become the law of the land.

Here is the House Democrats’ 2,310-page Reconciliation Bill – HR4872 (PDF)

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