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Posted by FactReal on March 20, 2010

FACTS: Americans are still opposing ObamaCare

WASHINGTON, DC – Americans rally against Obama’s health care reform

Owly Images
VIEW from the Speaker’s Lobby at noon today of the incredible crowd rallying against ObamaCare.
photo link

video: Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) greets tea party patriots en route to U.S. Capitol

Congress can hear the “loud chanting from Americans 3 stories down outside” reports
Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX) via twitter:
View from Rules Cmte window - can still hear Americans agains... on Twitpic
A Wonderful site to see!! #killthebill on Twitpic
Crowd at #killthebill rally
in Washington, DC
More of the crowd outside the Capitol during Obama speech #ki... on Twitpic
Crowd outside the Capitol
during Obama speech
A Huge crowd of Thousands still here we are getting ready to ... on Twitpic
Thousands still in Washington
protesting ObamaCare
– Livestream and videos of rally in Washington, DC: FreedomWorks ustream
– More photos and reports via: FreedomWorks (Twitter), LadyConservativ
Day of defiance: Nationwide protests
Jon Voight at the “Kill The Bill” rally in DC (photo)

MIAMI TEA PARTY: Protest Against Obama’s Health Care Reform – March 20, 2010 (photos)
Hundreds Rally as Russ Carnahan Is “Booted” and “Torched” in St. Louis (Video)

What people are saying on Twitter: #killthebill, #teaparty, #tcot, #hcr

Remember: Call the Capitol Switchboard Phones: 1-877-SOB-U-SOB (1-877-762-8762).
Representatives/Senators contact List here


2 Responses to “NATIONAL TEA PARTY AGAINST OBAMACARE (videos, photos)”

  1. Lillian Partos said

    I love my country and what Obama, Reid and Pelosi are doing is not constitutional. They took an oath to defend this county and the constitution, and what they are doing is destroying it. The American people will not stand for this. We do not want ObamaCare, now or ever!!!

  2. I have to agree with the woman I just read about, we all love ehis country, but our very freedoms are in jepordy, all of the sudden the government doesn,t seem to be ( by the people and for the people) the only way we can do something about it is in november and believe me I will do something then I used to be from the democratic party NO MORE,

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