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TEA PARTY – Miami Protest Against Obama’s Health Care Reform – March 20, 2010

Posted by FactReal on March 20, 2010

Miami patriots rallied once more against ObamaCare.

Here are some images (more to come…scroll down for updates)

And the media, you ask?
If you still care about the mainstream media (MSM), here it is:
They One cameraman from Channel 10 (ABC/WPLG) showed up late at the end of the protest when 95% of the protestors had left. The protest started at 11AM, and he showed up at 1:45PM. He did a quick interview.
Then he panned his camera across the almost empty site where the Anti-ObamaCare protest had occurred. I offered to email to him my photos/videos when the protestors were actually here so he could do a fair reporting…but he declined the offer. He was nice but he was late.
And the Obamistas?
These lonely souls came to support ObamaCare.
Their tiny sign on the big red heart says: “We love ObamaCare.”
(Click photo to enlarge image). What else must taxpayers pay for: food, housing, car, iPhone, iPod,….megaphones?
They apparently ignore that young people are going to pay the most for this reckless Obamination. ObamaCare will force them to buy insurance even if they are young and healthy…even if they don’t want it. The IRS and government will be between them and their doctors. Young people are inheriting from Obama high debt and high deficit.
If you know this man, tell him he can buy health insurance for his mom for about $200 per month. (A quick internet search found 138 health plans starting as low as $202.45 a month for a 58 year old woman in Miami, FL.) If she is older than 65, she can apply to Medicare. If they are poor they can apply to Medicaid and other govt. programs. Also, there are charities, free and low-cost clinics, manufacturer and hospital assistance programs, …
Health care costs are high, but we don’t need to destroy the system in order to improve it. We can start by eliminating fraud, junk lawsuits; by allowing across-state insurances, etc.
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