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OBAMACARE FIRST, THEN AMNESTY: Univision Pushing Illegal Immigration

Posted by FactReal on March 22, 2010

Ever wonder why many Hispanics fall for the leftist demagoguery once they arrive in the U.S?
Especially when they are fleeing from leftists policies in their own countries?

Meet Univision, the most powerful Spanish-language TV network in the U.S., dedicated to tacitly brainwash and agitate Hispanics to support DEMAND amnesty for illegals, open borders, welfare and other social programs…and to FEAR the ugly racist American. Univision is the Spanish megaphone promulgating leftist talking points disguised as news and information bureau. They invite leftist radicals from ACLU and SEIU and present them as benevolent non-partisan experts.

While Americans have been fighting against the socialist takeover of our health care, Univision has been pushing (almost daily) for Amnesty for all illegal immigrants.

Below is a snapshot of some of Univision’s latest biased reports promoting amnesty and providing tips to illegals.
(English translation)

But Univision is not alone. There is also Telemundo/NBC, the second-largest Spanish language network in the U.S.
There are also labor unions, faith groups, and social organizations – many benefiting from tax payer money.

Obama Begins on Immigration Reform
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NPR Skips Opponents of Amnesty in Story on Latino Liberals and ObamaCare
A Better Way to Mend Immigration


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