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Crist: I’m Leaving the Republican Party (…to Continue Helping the Democrats)

Posted by FactReal on April 29, 2010

Finally! Charlie Crist leaves the Republican Party…maybe he should join the Crist Party since it’s all about him and not what’s best for the country. For years, he has been the darling of the leftist media that propped him as the “popular” and “charismatic” governor of Florida.

RINOs like Charlie Crist have damaged the GOP – they work inside the Republican Party to undermine it and to benefit the Democrats. Dede Scozzafava, anyone? By running as an independent, Crist will only help the Democrats in the 2010 Senate race. He will pull to his side Republican voters who still fall for the utopian message from the unicorns moderate politicians. If Crist had any principles, he would have resigned from the Senate race months ago.

Via Townhall:

“I don’t have either party helping me. But I need you. I need you more than ever,” the governor said, surrounded by cheering supporters carrying signs that included “Democrats for Crist.” [snip]

Moderate Republican Senate candidates [a.k.a. RINOs] in several other states, including Arizona, Utah, Kentucky and New Hampshire, are facing strong challenges from conservatives supported by the tea party movement that sprung up in opposition to Obama’s policies. The governor has spent the past several years working closely with Democrats and embracing other causes not popular among conservatives. [snip]

Just two weeks ago, he alienated many powerful Republican and business interests by vetoing a measure that would have made it easier to fire teachers and linked their pay to student test scores. At the same time, he scored points with the influential teachers union and other traditionally Democratic constituents who won’t have a say in the GOP primary. Many of those teachers attended his rally Thursday.

Hours before his announcement, Crist was talking about Obama, saying he spoke with him about a massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that could threaten Florida coastline.

“He went ahead and volunteered any assistance the federal government can do,” Crist said.

Meek predicted Crist’s independent candidacy will be good news for him.”


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