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What is Social Justice?

Posted by FactReal on May 16, 2010

Great article via American Thinker:

Social justice is the complete economic equality of all members of society. While this may sound like a lofty objective, what it really means is that wealth should be collected by the government and evenly distributed to everyone. In short, social justice is communism. It is rooted in the Marxist idea that the money people make and the property they own do not rightfully belong to the people who make the money and own the property. [emphasis added]

According to [Karl] Marx, money is really a “collective product” that belongs to everyone. [snip]

….[C]apitalism is seen by Marxists as a system invented by the rich to ensure that the poor do not get their fair share of money. Instead, the rich keep most of the money for themselves. In turn, the rich use this “stolen” money to selfishly purchase private property in the form of factories, land, houses, and anything else they choose. As such, Marxists see all privately owned property as the fruit of a massive capitalist fraud against the poor.

“Social justice” is intended to remedy this exploitation of workers by capitalists. Marx saw man only in a social context — meaning not as an individual, but as a part of a class. Thus, the word “social” (in “social justice”) refers to classes in a society.

“Justice,” in the Marxist context, means economic equality. This is the Marxist utopian ideal that all members in a society should receive the same amount of compensation, regardless of occupation, skill, or work ethic. [snip

Social justice can be accomplished in only one way in a capitalist society — by wealth redistribution. This is done by seizing the wealth of the greedy rich and giving it to the poor, using the government as the agent of redistribution. This is the true aim of the left’s social justice agenda.

The truth is that the only “class” in the United States excluded from reaping the benefits of capitalism is the class that chooses not to participate in American society. Fueled by the rhetoric of leftists, this class sits idle, dreaming of perceived wrongs that justify its inactivity.

>>read the whole article: American Thinker:


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