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MEXICO IMMIGRATION LAWS read by Mark Levin from FactReal.com (audio)

Posted by FactReal on May 19, 2010

Mexico’s President Felipe Calderón came today to the U.S. and criticized the Arizona law. Since many in the Obama administration have not read the Arizona law but have attacked it, Mark Levin decided to read to Obama and Calderón the Mexican immigration laws (article by article) to show how strict and discriminatory they are.

Here is the article:
(links, PDFs to Mexican law & constitution)

Thank you to Mark Levin for linking to this article and reading it on his show.

ARIZONA SB1070: Short Analysis (and Amendment HB2162)
SB1070: ARIZONA IMMIGRATION LAW (Links to Bill Text, Chronology, Guide)
73% of Americans Agree with Arizona Law
Obama & Calderon bashing Arizona Law
PHOTOS – Mexican President Felipe Calderon visit to White House (5/19/2010)
Disgusting! Mexican President Calderon to Address Congress & Push for Immigration Reform Today
Here’s Some Ugly Facts about Mexico’s Tyrannical Immigration Laws (video)
Open-borders quote of the morning; Update: Calderon bashes Arizona
Costa Mesa, CA: A “rule of law” community

Hypocrite Calderón, mi casa NO es su casa! Go home!

4 Responses to “MEXICO IMMIGRATION LAWS read by Mark Levin from FactReal.com (audio)”

  1. […] MEXICO IMMIGRATION LAWS read by Mark Levin from FactReal.com (audio) […]

  2. Adiems said

    I read the Mexico’s immigration Laws, every article seems sensible to control illegal immigration into mexican territoty. I would lie to enumerate some of these articles as follow:
    1.- Immigrants…can not be a burden to Mexico…..no welfare, no health care, etc.
    2.- Immigrants must be healthy
    3.- Immigrants must show birth certificates to show citizenship
    4.- Documents fraud subject to fines and jail-time……no stolen identities,nor making social security numbers or faked Legal Permanent Cards and citizenship certificates.
    5.- Deportation without due process…..no 14th amendments
    6.- No criminal record
    7.- Law enforcement officers- are required to enforece Mexico’s imigration laws all the time, etc.

    Indeed, very sensible immigration laws- to control illegal immigration into Mexico. The United States should adopt and reform similar immigration laws into the ones existing under Federal Immigration statutes.

    It is hard to believe that after Mr. Mark Levin read aloud Mexico;s own immigration laws President Calderon had the audacity to criticised Arizona laws that reflect Federal immigration Statutes- Title 8.

    We should publicized Mexico’s immigration laws in all major newspapers in United states.


  3. Audio: Mark Levin Reads Mexico’s Immigration Laws…

    Via: FactReal Also see Fact Real’s: MEXICAN IMMIGRATION LAWS ARE TOUGHER THAN IN THE U.S. Related posts: Video: Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) Blasts Mexican President Calderon Video: Hyper Hypocritical Dirtbag Mexican President Calderon Slams U…….

  4. John Louie said

    We should e-mail this to every congressperson and senator.

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