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RAND PAUL’S LIBERTARIAN VIEWS = The Left’s Hammer to Destroy the GOP & the Tea Partiers

Posted by FactReal on May 22, 2010

RINOs and libertarians are welcomed, respected, and even treasured by the mainstream media (MSM) as long as they are bashing Republicans and conservatives. Rand Paul bought the MSM’s pretended deference so much so that last year he announced his Senate bid on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow show. Now that libertarian Rand Paul will confront a Democrat for the Senate race, the media does not longer need him. Rand Paul is now the target to be destroyed by the left.
Rachel Maddow Coaxing Rand Paul into the Trap! 1of2 (May 19, 2010)
Rachel Maddow Coaxing Rand Paul into the trap! 2of2 (May 19, 2010)
FoxNews video: Rand Paul too wacky? [go to video mark 4:58] (5/17/2010)
Mark Levin on 1964 Civil Rights Act and how the left uses race to divide the nation (audio, 5/20/2010)
MSNBC Slams Rand Paul: 37 Minutes Attacking the Libertarian as Racist (5/20/2010)
Rand Paul is No Barry Goldwater on Civil Rights (5/20/2010)
Rand Paul, the Civil Rights Act, and Private Discrimination (5/20/2010)
Rand Paul Says He’s Being ‘Trashed Up and Down’ by ‘Democratic Talking Points’ (Hat tip: DrudgeReport) (5/21/2010)
Kentucky GOP urges Rand Paul to avoid national spotlight (5/21/2010)
Gaffetastic: Rand Paul cancels Sunday “Meet the Press” appearance (5/21/2010)
The Irony of the Rand Paul Kerfuffle (5/21/2010)
Mark Levin Challenges David Gregory to Have Him on Meet the Press This Week (Audio) (clip) (5/21/2010)


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