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Los Angeles Schoolboard (LAUSD) Approves for Students to Be Taught That Arizona Immigration Law Is Un-American

Posted by FactReal on June 3, 2010

Via FoxNews:

The Los Angeles Unified School District school board wants all public school students in the city to be taught that Arizona’s new immigration law is un-American.

The school board president made the announcement Tuesday night after the district’s Board of Education passed a resolution to oppose the controversial law, which gives law enforcement officials in Arizona the power to question and detain people they suspect are in the U.S. illegally when they are stopped in relation to a crime or infraction.

Critics of the law say it will result in racial profiling.

The school board voted unanimously on Tuesday to “express outrage” and “condemnation” of the law, and it called on the school superintendent to look into curtailing economic support to the Grand Canyon State. About 73 percent of the students in the school district are Latino.

But supporters of the law say the school board is way out of bounds and that the measure will just distract from the children’s education.

Obviously they ignore that Arizona law (Bill SB1070):
● Mirrors the federal law that since 1940 requires aliens to register and carry their documents with them.
● Targets ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. Americans do not oppose legal immigration. Why is it racist to ask people to come through the front door?
● Will NOT give police the power to pick anyone out of a crowd for any reason and force them to prove they are in the U.S. legally.

They need to read the Arizona law (SB1070) and its amendment (HB2162)

(Making kids stupid should be considered child abuse!)


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