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Posted by FactReal on June 21, 2010

Juan Manuel Santos wins in a landslide (69%) against Marxist-disguised-as-clown Antanas Mockus (27.5%).
Santos is often referred as Colombian President Álvaro Uribe’s chosen heir.
Antanas Mockus, Colombian former dean and 2010 presidential candidate of green party dropped his pants and showed his buttocks to students in 1993 - se quita pantalones y muestra las nalgas y trasero Who is Juan Manuel Santos?
“Colombia’s Juan Manuel Santos, after being elected president by a landslide last night, pledged to free his country from the “nightmare of violence” by sustaining all the government’s might against Marxist rebels.”

Americans rescued by Santos’ Operation Checkmate (video)
“Santos, 58, delivered some of the biggest blows against the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, while serving as defense minister from 2006 to 2009. These include the rescue of 15 hostages including politician Ingrid Betancourt and three U.S. defense contractors. He also ordered the raid into Ecuador that killed the group’s second-in-command, Raul Reyes.” (Bloomberg)

Colombia Marxist crazy Antanas Mockus lost elections nalgas trasero

2010 Colombian Elections Results (June 20, 2010)

Santos won the presidential election with 69% of the vote:
“The record 9 million ballots cast for Santos gave the U.S.- educated economist and former defense minister 69 percent of the vote against 28 percent for the Green Party’s Antanas Mockus.”

“Santos dedicated the victory to President Alvaro Uribe, who leaves office Aug. 7 having spurred record economic growth and investment while beating back insurgents and slashing by half the number of murders during eight years in office.”

Colombia’s Conservatives Threw Support to Santos
“Santos’s support for the military and his pledges to reduce corruption and improve security are in line with the party’s goals, the Conservatives said in a statement on their website, endorsing the former defense minister’s candidacy.”

“The Conservatives form part of the governing coalition in congress, alongside Santos’s La U Party. There are few ideological differences between the parties, though La U is less conservative on social issues such as abortion”, said Felipe Botero, a political analyst at Bogota’s Universidad de los Andes.

Source: Registraduria.gov.co
Juan Manuel Santos will be Colombia's next president 2010 Presidential Candidate Juan Manuel Santos wins in Colombia - June 20, 2010 Antanas Mockus mooned his students in 1993…but in 2010 he run on a Morality & Change platform.
He Mooned his Students:
Antanas Mockus, the son of Lithuanian immigrants, is famous for mooning his students back in October 1993.

As dean of the National University of Colombia in Bogotá, he did not hesitate to pull down his pants in front of thousands of students to respond to a whistling while he was chairing a meeting with students in the famous auditorium León de Greiff.

“However, the so-called Green Wave faded after the former philosophy professor expressed “admiration” for Chavez and said he would consider extraditing Uribe to Ecuador.”

Fausta: Santos wins in Colombia
President-elect Santos calls for Colombian unity (English)

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