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MEXICAN FANS ATTACKED RELATIVES OF SOCCER PLAYERS FOR LOSING TO ARGENTINA (videos) [Atacan a familia de futbolistas Mexicanos en Africa]

Posted by FactReal on June 29, 2010

If this what they do to their own for a game…
Mexican fans attacked the players’ relatives after Mexico lost to Argentina last Sunday at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in Johannesburg, South Africa.
El Diario de El Paso (English) reports that the crowd became enraged after losing the match against Argentina and directed their frustration at the brother of Cuauhtemoc Blanco and the wife of Guillermo Franco, who were in the same box reserved for the Mexican Football Federation, VIPs, sponsors, friends and relatives of the players.

The videos shows the Johannesburg authorities trying to understand the situation. Some people try to calm down Cuauhtemoc’s brother, who wanted to physically respond to the assault.

According to witnesses, as three of the instigators were being removed from the suite, one of them manages to pull the hair of Guillermo Franco’s wife.

Guillermo Franco

Cuauhtemoc Blanco

It seems that some of the aggressors are linked to higher-ups in the Mexican government.

According to Diario Record, one of the troublemakers is from the cabinet of Mexican President Calderon. His name is
Miguel Gómez-Mont, the head of the Mexican Tourism Investment Fund (Fonatur) and brother of Interior Secretary Fernando Gómez Mont.

Diario Record (English) reports that the players’ relatives are terrified of going to Mexico afraid of how the rest of Mexicans will react.

Miguel Gómez-Mont

Mexican Tourism Dept

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One Response to “MEXICAN FANS ATTACKED RELATIVES OF SOCCER PLAYERS FOR LOSING TO ARGENTINA (videos) [Atacan a familia de futbolistas Mexicanos en Africa]”

  1. Buster Lhode said

    People, it’s a game. Where has our humanity fled our senses? We’re becoming godless sensual heathens. It’s all about now and me. Be worried.

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