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JOURNOLIST EMAILGATE & THE LEFTIST HATE: NPR Contributor Sarah Spitz Laughing about Limbaugh Having a Heart Attack

Posted by FactReal on July 21, 2010

Journolist was an online discussion forum where leftist journalists, professors and activists let loose, poured their inner evils without having to pretend to be neutral. The Daily Caller has been publishing many of these alleged emails.
The Daily Caller’s latest unveiling involves leftist NPR contributor Sarah Spitz writing about witnessing Rush Limbaugh having a heart attack:

In a post to the list-serv Journolist, an online meeting place for liberal journalists, Spitz wrote that she would “Laugh loudly like a maniac and watch his eyes bug out” as Limbaugh writhed in torment.

In boasting that she would gleefully watch a man die in front of her eyes, Spitz seemed to shock even herself. “I never knew I had this much hate in me,” she wrote. “But he deserves it.”

Spitz’s hatred for Limbaugh seems intemperate, even imbalanced. On Journolist, where conservatives are regarded not as opponents but as enemies, it barely raised an eyebrow.

On witnessing Limbaugh having a heart attack: I would “laugh loudly like a maniac and watch his eyes bug out.”
wrote NPR contributor Sarah Spitz.
National Public Radio (NPR) link to Sarah Spitz: She is a contributor for NPR’s flagship magazine programs Morning Edition and All Things Considered, and Publicity Director of NPR’s affiliate KCRW.

Here is her “apology”: “I made poorly considered remarks about Rush Limbaugh to what I believed was a private email discussion group from my personal email account. As a publicist, I realize more than anyone that is no excuse for irresponsible behavior. I apologize to anyone I may have offended and I regret these comments greatly; they do not reflect the values by which I conduct my life.”

Limbaugh responds to JournoList death wish report: “Not having wished anyone dead, nor having fantasized about watching someone die, I cannot possibly relate to this.”

GatewayPundit explains it:

The Journolist is a listserv comprised of several hundred top liberal journalists from influential American and British media outlets, as well as like-minded professors, union reps and activists. Leftist media hack and WaPo [WashingtonPost] journalist Ezra Klein founded Journolist with far left crank Joe Klein from TIME magazine in February of 2007. Klein admitted that Journolist was an “insulated space where the lure of a smart, ongoing conversation would encourage journalists, policy experts and assorted other observers to share their insights with one another.” But, you had to be a leftist to join this group. It was an exclusive club. And, it grew to include 400 of the most prominent leftist American journalists who shared ideas and helped spin the far left narrative in the state-run media. This is where far left cranks colluded to spit out the DNC’s talking points and to defend President Barack Obama’s radical past and socialist agenda.

Andrew Breitbart from BigJournalism.com has offered $100,000 reward for the full Journolist archive.



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