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Mexican Marxists Assault Maricopa Jail during Arizona Protest. Ron Gochez there? (video 7/29/2010)

Posted by FactReal on July 30, 2010

Mexican Reconquest?
Arizona, July 29, 2010.- Hundred of protesters harassed and taunted police at the entrance of Sheriff Arpaio’s Maricopa County jail. The protesters waved the Mexican flag in the face of police officers. They also carried a Cuban flag with the image of Marxist killer, Ché Guevara. The leftist agitators are demanding more despite the winning handed to them by Judge Bolton when she blocked the most important parts of SB1070 Arizona immigration law.

Sheriff Arpaio: The protesters are trying to “hold my jail hostage.” (Video)

(Hat tip: Drudge, Breitbart)
Where have we seen that Cuban flag with Ché Guevara’s image? (3/28/2010) Remember Ron Gochez, the L.A. teacher calling for Revolution? (2007)


Ron Gochez taunted exiled Cubans with a Ché/Cuban flag at an anti-Castro rally in Los Angeles. His taunting almost caused a riot. Ron Gochez, the Marxist teacher from Los Angeles, called for a Mexican revolt in the U.S.

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