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2010 PRIMARY ELECTION RESULTS: Delaware, MA, MD, NH, NY, RI, WI (Sept. 14, 2010)

Posted by FactReal on September 14, 2010

There were primary elections in Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin. Americans are voting the leftists out, i.e., the Democrats and the Republicans-In-Name-Only (RINOs.)

Will the Republican establishment have the courage to stand for what is right and join Americans in the fight for freedom? The GOP’s RINO strategy failed in 2008 with McCain, and it gave us Obama. The GOP failed by supporting RINO Charlie Crist in FL, RINO Dede Scozzafava in NY, etc. Why would a leftist vote for a Republican behaving like a Democrat (i.e., RINO), when he can vote for a full-blown Democrat. If the GOP wants to capture the elusive independent, why not arm independents with some economic and historical facts to prove to them that this country succeeds when conservative principles are followed (i.e., small government, low taxes, individual responsibility, strong defense, free-market economy, traditional social values, legal immigration, etc.)?

Precincts reporting: 100%
U.S. SENATE: DELAWARE – Republicans
Christine O’Donnell defeated RINO Mike Castle tonight in the Delaware GOP Primary
Christine O’Donnell: 53.1% (30,561 votes)
Michael Castle: 46.9% (27,021 votes)

More election results at Politico.com (http://www.politico.com/2010/maps/)

Mark Levin responds to O’Donnell’s attackers
Mike Castle’s corrupt lobbyist problems
The National Republican Senatorial Campaign will not support O’Donnell’s Campaign


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