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MIAMI-DADE 2010 BUDGET: Commissioners want to raise property taxes…and continue with the waste & luxuries

Posted by FactReal on September 23, 2010

UPDATE 9/24/2010: Commissioners approved tax-raising budget
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Source: MIAMI-DADE COUNTY 2010 BUDGET, Volume 2, Policy Formulation (via Budget page)

Commissioners’ Benefits: Each of the 13 commissioners receives $814,000. (Page 12)
– That’s $10.5 Millions = $814,000 x 13 commissioners
– But the commissioners have demonstrated that they do not need this $814,000, e.g. “$3 million of commission funds…
has gone unspent. They get to tuck stockpiled cash away and get more.” They do not return unused portions.
– They will continue receiving $11,500 annual retirement contribution, and unlimited free gas.
– Each receives $55,388 benefit package that includes an $800 monthly car allowance.

Free wireless in parks: Installed free wireless services in public parks for people to access the internet; and plan to install more in other parks and future new parks. (Page 7)
– Yes, free wireless internet access in public parks…during a recession.

Wireless for transit: Expanded wireless pilot program to include transit infrastructure in November 2009 to provide Wi-Fi access for transit riders. (Page 7)

Took time to write a resolution against Arizona SB1070: “Adopted a resolution opposing to the State of Arizona’s adopted immigration law (SB 1070).” (Page 13)
– They took the time to condemn the action of another state? Did they read the SB1070 bill themselves?

Pushed for Immigration Amnesty: They urged “President Obama to begin the process of reforming the nation’s immigration policy, to provide uniform immigration laws throughout the country.” (Page 13)
– Do they want more illegal immigrants coming to our county?

Want to host Soccer World Cup: Supported the County’s bid to be the host site for the 2018 or 2022 FIFA Soccer World Cup. (Page 12)
Obama couldn’t bring the Olympics.
World Cup resolution

Don’t want profits from offshore oil drilling: Supported “the federal moratorium on offshore oil and gas drilling.” Their excuse: “to protect Florida’s coast and tourism-related industry.” (Page 12)
– Why reject this revenue? Don’t we reconstruct after hurricanes, fires?
– Do we stop driving after being in an accident?
– The Mexican and Cuban government will be drilling and benefiting from this resource!

Campaigned for the Census: “Campaigned to educate and motivate residents about the importance of their response to the 2010 Census.” (Page 12)
– With all the ads about the Census, did we need the commissioners to get into this?

Helped Haiti: “Urged residents and employees to assist with the Haiti relief efforts; to date over $300,000 were donated on behalf of the County.” (Page 12)
– Very compassionate, but are we going to provide emergency relief to all the countries in Latin America? Can we afford this?

Declared a week against Violence: “Declare the week of April 19-23 as “Stop the Violence Week” to campaign against youth violence.” (Page 13)

Air Show: Supported “the Homestead Air Reserve Base hosted the “Wings Over Homestead” Air Show; over 200,000 residents attended the event.” (Page 13)

Web portal for ads: Developed a web-based online advertising system to place ads & public notices “on the Miami-Dade Web portal prior to being published in newspapers.” (Page 13)

Money to the Marlins: “In March 2009, the Board of County Commissioners approved a public-private partnership between the County, the City of Miami, and the Marlins to construct a 37,000 seat retractable roof baseball stadium on the site of the former Orange Bowl in the City of Miami.” (Page 8)
– Why do taxpayers have to finance a private entity like the Marlins?

Source: County Manager’s Budget Message
The commissioners and the mayor are keeping most of their staff: (Page 56)
–County Executive Offices: 55 (they only eliminated 3 positions)
–County Commissioners: 191 (no position eliminated)
–County Attorney’s Office: 134 (no position eliminated)

Understanding the Budget and the Millage rate
Proposed funding for Community-Based Organizations (CBO) (Oct. 2010 thru March 2011)
Community Action Agency (CAA) budget
CAA salaries – Head Start program
New fees for parks and recreational facilities

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