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CENSUS: FLORIDA TO GAIN 2 SEATS…good news for Republicans?

Posted by FactReal on September 27, 2010

Ed Morrissey writes:

A new analysis of Census Bureau data shows that Texas and Florida may have won the reapportionment sweepstakes, mainly at the expense of New York and Ohio.  In the next Congressional elections, Texas will have four more Congressional seats and Florida will add two more, strengthening their representation in the House.  New York and Ohio will both lose two, in changes that will have repercussions in the 2012 presidential election…

The Census Bureau will have to make the final determination, which is scheduled for release in December.  If this holds up, though, the power shift is a big problem for Barack Obama.  States get Electoral College votes based on representation in the House (each state gets two for their Senatorial delegation), and moves away from New York to Florida will be a big problem if Obama can’t duplicate his success in the Sunshine State in 2012.  With Florida looking as though it will back Marco Rubio and Rick Scott in statewide elections this year, it seems likely to return to its Republican trend in the next presidential election cycle.

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