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WHY UNIONS, HIGH TAXES & BIG GOVERNMENT ARE BAD FOR OUR ECONOMY: (videos) John Stossel’s Special “The Battle for the Future”

Posted by FactReal on September 28, 2010

“The ten most dangerous words in the English language are, ‘Hi, I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.'”
President Ronald Reagan, 7/28/1988
Here are the videos of John Stossel’s documentary aired by FoxNews this past weekend. For this special, Stossel interviewed: Paul Ryan, Rob Andrews, Marc Lamont Hill, Arthur Brooks, Star Parker, Art Laffer, Donald Trump, entrepreneurs, etc.

Among other things, John Stossel explains the negative impact of unions, i.e., how the pay and benefits of the public sector unions have risen astronomically – all paid by taxpayers:

Public pensions have unfunded liability of $1 trillion to $3.5 trillion

Federal workers take home twice pay and benefits as private workers. Local and state workers also make more.

Total Pay Benefits
Private: $59,909 $50,028 $9,881
Local/State: $67,812 $52,051 $15,761
Federal $119,982 $79,197 $40,785
— Average TWU union worker makes $60K without overtime or benefits.
— 25% took 15 or more sick days. Average was 8 sick days.
— Fox average 3 sick days (same for men and women)
— No FOX employee took 15 days
Part 1 of 6 Part 2 of 6
Part 3 of 6 Part 4 of 6
Part 5 of 6

Part 6 of 6
Big Labor thug Trumka: Left must “take control of the national conversation”
Big Labor’s legacy of violence


One Response to “WHY UNIONS, HIGH TAXES & BIG GOVERNMENT ARE BAD FOR OUR ECONOMY: (videos) John Stossel’s Special “The Battle for the Future””

  1. C.W.Crosby said

    John Stossel is great , I agree with everything he says about government , though I may disagree with him and other libertarians on other issues .

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