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Posted by FactReal on September 29, 2010

Updated by FactReal on Sept. 30, 2010
FARC’s #2 man, Mono Jojoy, killed in a military air strike.
This victory would have not happened if Colombians had elected the Marxist clown who mooned his students (video here) when he was dean of the National University of Colombia in Bogotá.

Colombia’s new president, Juan Manuel Santos was well-known for fiercely combating the leftist terrorists of Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) when he was minister of defense under the Uribe administration. As president, Santos continues the fight.

Viva Colombia’s President Santos For Coup De Grace Against FARC, the Marxist guerrilla:

“The devastating Sept. 22 attack on FARC headquarters in Colombia’s central Meta province all but signifies the end of the five-decade-old conflict. It will take a little while for the official end to be declared, but this war is pretty much over.

The death of Jorge Briceno, aka Mono Jojoy, the feared military strategist and top commander of the organization, means two things.

One, the historical leadership is now finished; the legendary founder, Manuel Marulanda, was killed by the army in 2008 and the man who replaced him, Alfonso Cano, is an ideologue, not a military strategist.

Two, since Mono Jojoy’s demise is the culmination of a two-year streak in which every key camp inside Colombia has been located, FARC is now unable to operate effectively within national borders. No terrorist guerrilla has ever won a war in exile. […]

One less communist terrorist to worry about
The authorities infiltrated the headquarters and, after patient work, were able to place a GPS device inside Mono Jojoy’s (U.S.-made) boots that signaled his location.

This would have been impossible without the almost 40 million pages contained in the laptop computers of Raul Reyes, the FARC commander killed during an incursion into Ecuadorean territory in early 2008. […]

For decades, politicians, academics, human rights activists and journalists on both sides of the Atlantic failed to see that there was nothing romantic, “bien-pensant” or Robin Hoodesque about an organization that killed, maimed, kidnapped and extorted for a totalitarian objective. […]

Colombians did not give up and continued to reclaim territory for civilian rule…Colombia’s victory against FARC is the result of civilians awakening to the evil of totalitarian terror.

…[P]easants, factory workers, teachers, students and others joined the struggle to defeat FARC, beautifully symbolized by the hundreds of thousands who took to the streets inside Colombia and around the world in 2008 to clamor for the end of terror.”

Chavez loses supermajority in legislative elections:
Venezuelan Legislature after elections
Click image to enlarge it: Chavez’s party loses its supermajority in Venezuela elections

Chavez's party (red) won at least 90 seats, while an opposition coalition (blue) that united under the Democratic Unity Table banner won at least 59.

“His party and leadership got rebuked by voters in yesterday’s election as Chavez lost the supermajority in the legislature necessary for him to rule by decree.”
“Chávez still enjoys a congressional majority after winning at least 95 of the 165 seats. But opposition candidates won at least 59 seats, enough to strip Mr. Chávez of a two-thirds majority—the threshold needed to pass sweeping legislation in the congress. More importantly, the opposition says it won 52% of the popular vote which will give them momentum going into the 2012 presidential elections. “We are the majority,” said Ramón Guillermo Aveledo, an opposition director.”
But beware of a desperate Marxist tyrant: Dictator Chavez can change the rules any time. “He has three months before the next legislature takes its seats, which means Chavez can still use the lame-duck session to pass whatever he wants. He has not exactly been shy about using that process for his own ends before this, and it may mean that most of the damage the opposition hoped to avoid with a victory will already be a fait accompli by the time they arrive.”
Black September for Chavez…but beware: (Google’s English translation is mediocre)
With so many things going wrong in Venezuela, Chavez was forced to call for elections to give his dictatorship some cover-up.
“He called for elections…like other tyrants have done before: Saddam Hussein Muwabe, Idi Amin, Lukashenko and the Castro tyrants among others…Their fraudulent electoral contests give arguments to their accomplices to defend their misdeeds […]

The opposition obtained enough votes to break Chavez’s majority […]

So, this time we must be vigilant and especially the opposition party and its leaders, it is not unreasonable to expect the worst from those who tramples the law and the Constitution…So we see [the Marxists] disturbed, nervous, and actively attacking their democratic opposition…As noted yesterday by Maria Corina Machada, the opposition congresswoman just elected with an overwhelming number of votes, the next three months are crucial…Chavez will try during this time to do anything to consolidate his power.

This has been a black September for Chavez…His cohort Mono Jojoy was killed, the plebiscite transformed the legislature proving that his opponents are the majority…and on top of that, Colombia’s attorney general removed [from the Colombian Senate] his cohort, Piedad Cordoba, who cannot be eligible for any political office for the next 18 years since they found her long list of crimes in combination with the murderers of the FARC. Chavez luck changed since he exhumed the remains of [Venezuela’s George Washington] Simon Bolivar and his sisters…”
[Here is the video of Bolivar’s exhumation]

American leftists working with FARC terrorists: Meet the “RNC Welcoming Committee”, a group of radical leftist activists who tried to violently disrupt the 2008 Republican National Convention in Minnesota. They also planned to kidnap Republican delegates in St. Paul in 2008.
Leftist Activist Leader of the RNC Welcoming Committee Met With FARC Terrorists
FBI Raids Home of RNC Welcoming Committee Activist As Part of Terrorism Investigation
Interview with FARC terror sympathizer and thug activist after the FBI raided her home two days after Mojoy was killed



  1. C.W.Crosby said

    I can’t see Venezuela getting free of their dictator , Chaves , by any means not involving copious amount of blood spilled and overflowing prisons full of political prisoners .

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