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Posted by FactReal on October 6, 2010

Commissioner Sosa Commissioner Diaz Commissioner Heyman Commissioner Rolle
Obama’s new target: Obese people. In the Obama-era, it has become acceptable to target and bully obese people. Liberals demonize those who criticize illegal immigrants or homosexuals. Liberals find creative excuses to defend terrorists, criminals or anybody who wants to destroy America. But when it comes to obese people, liberals are leading the charge against those with weight problems.

Miami-Dade county commissioners did not want to be the exception, so they have been working hard and are getting ready to launch their Anti-Obesity Campaign (PDF).

Sponsors: Commissioners Rebeca Sosa, Jose “Pepe” Diaz, Sally A. Heyman, and Dorrin D. Rolle, and Audrey M. Edmonson.
Funded by: The Project Communities Putting Prevention to Work (CPPW), created as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) (a.k.a. The Stimulus)
Their excuse: They claim they want to “establish a public awareness, social marketing campaign…to combat obesity and promote healthy eating and active living.”

According to their latest Resolution from October 2010:

Their lofty goals are:
● To provide “health change in communities by increasing physical activity, improving nutritional habits, and decreasing screen time.”
● To “manage the prevalence of obesity among the underserved and underinsured population by reaching those geographical areas most at risk.”
● To “provide programs that are culturally appropriate, which will promote a community-based and/or workplace-based intervention across the lifespan.”
● To “change behavior” of residents thru the Communities Putting Prevention to Work Project.

The commissioners declared that:
● Many adults and children in Miami-Dade County are overweight or obese.
Obesity and its ill-effects take a tremendous toll on the health of residents and negatively impact their productivity in the Miami-Dade County workforce or in the pursuit of an education.
● They want to “encourage” Miami-Dade County residents (adults and children) thru a public awareness campaign to embrace lifestyles that combat obesity, facilitate and promote eating a healthier, more balanced and nutritious diet, and foster active living through exercise.
● “Individual effort alone is insufficient to combat the onset and rising tide of obesity-related chronic illnesses, diseases and afflictions.”

Their strategies:
Require schools to document students’ modes of transportation.
● Develop a “mass media…that promote healthy/foods drink choices and increased physical activity among Miami-Dade County residents and visitors.
● Develop a social marketing campaign aligned with the national campaign led by the CDC:
–include messages to “encourage” the community to increase their physical activity through the built environment, parks and recreation and schools.”
● Create and disseminate posters and pamphlets at community events to promote healthier lifestyles and obesity prevention.
● Direct parks to follow Healthy Vending Machines guidelines.
● Increase the availability of healthier foods from farmer’s markets at government venues serving public employees, residents using government services, transportation and shopping areas.
● “Encourage” equitable access to neighborhood parks and open space as well as area-wide recreational activities for all County residents.
● Add “green” areas in libraries, museums, schools, government buildings, transit stations.
● Create a network of walking and bicycling routes.

Commissioners’ Votes & Resolutions:
Resolution: File Number 102106, 10/5/2010
Resolution: File Number, 9/16/2010 to pass the resolution in the Miami-Dade Health Committee
[Source: Minutes–> select Health, Public Safety–>select 9/16/2010, then look for Agenda item 2G]
[Video, select agenda item 2G]

Resolution: File Number 101859, 7/16/2010
Resolution: File Number 101799, 7/8/2010

Miami-Dade received $14.7 Million to “fight obesity” from the “Stimulus”

As reported in March 2010, Miami-Dade received $14.7 million to supposedly fight obesity. In reality, the plan is to control residents. Local government will bombard Miami residents with anti-obesity ads and will restrict ads/products they don’t like. They will also influence behavior via taxes and high prices.


  1. BUCK CROSBY said

    I despise liberals and progressives more and more every day . I have never been a hateful person , I’ve never hated anyone in my life , I have never been nor am I now a raceist, I have never hated anyone bacause of their culture or religion , I do not even hate homosexuals , I do however , hate their filthy , gross , disgusting behavior,but, I have finally come around to being a hateful person because I despise liberals , progressives , and anyone who is anti-American . They say it is wrong to not tolerate disease spreading homosexuals , or muslims who terrorize and murder . But it is okay to murder defenseless unborn children , human beings , by the thousands .They abhor capitalism even though it has enhanced millions of lives wherever it is practiced , yet they embrace marxism and communism even though millions upon millions have been murdered , tortured , and destroyed in these sick societies .

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