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DAVID RIVERA VS. JOE GARCIA’S CONTROVERSIES: Donations to his campaign from corrupt Rangel (FL-25)

Posted by FactReal on October 17, 2010

Why leftists keep on finding Joe Garcia and are willing to donate to his campaign?
What do they see in Joe Garcia?

This past week, the Miami Herald targeted David Rivera’s source of income. They even called Rivera a spy just because they have questions about his income. The Miami Herald indicated they have at least two reporters assigned to “puzzle out Rivera’s résumé.” How many reporters do they have investigating Joe Garcia’s sources of income and campaign contributions? How about Joe Garcia’s donors and their connection to Castro?

When will the Miami media unveil the real Joe Garcia? “Garcia has yet to provide a credible explanation as to why individuals who do business with the Castro brothers and are diligently working to end the embargo against Cuba’s dictatorship would want to invest tens of thousands of dollars into his campaign after he has stated that he is opposed to lifting the embargo.”

Charles Rangel is a longtime Democrat congressman from New York, friend of Communist dictator Fidel Castro, race-hustler who commonly levies baseless charges of racism to advance his political career. He proposed the largest tax increase in American history and has been involved in income-tax scandal and real-estate corruption. In July 2008, even the leftist New York Times reported on Rangel tax problems. He has been charged with countless ethics violations.

Rangel loves Castro: In 1995, Rangel greeted Fidel Castro with a bear hug in Harlem, New York. “Rangel, a frequent critic of the U.S. embargo against Cuba, met with Fidel Castro on a trip to the island in 2002, but only acknowledged that the Cuban government picked up part of the tab when a watchdog group began making recent inquiries.” Rangel’s Cuba trip was subsidized by Castro.

For decades, Rangel has been working against America’s best interests. However, Joe Garcia has no problem associating himself and accepting money from this corrupt, divisive, and Marxist politician.

Click the links to see the actual documents from the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

Recipient’s Name Date Amount Image
JOE GARCIA FOR CONGRESS 6/24/2008 $2,000 28991462340
JOE GARCIA FOR CONGRESS 6/24/2008 $2,000 28991462339

Source via FEC: Summary | Rangel’s Campaign Finance

Joe Garcia also received $10,000 from Rangel’s National Leadership PAC.

Rangel is so fond of Joe Garcia that on 4/21/2008, he held a fundraiser for Garcia’s bid against Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart.

Is Rangel hoping Joe Garcia will continue with his leftist policies:

In October 2007, Rangel and this Committee unveiled a proposal for the single largest tax increase — on all income strata — in American history. Dubbed the “mother of all tax bills” by Rangel, the legislation not only contained $1.3 billion in new taxes, but it also called for the repeal of the major tax cuts that Congress had enacted in 2001 and 2003; all told, the bill would have resulted in a tax hike of $3.5 trillion.

In February 2005, Rangel proclaimed that it was inappropriate for Americans to characterize groups like Hezbollah as “Islamic terrorists.” “To call it Islamic terror is discriminating, it’s bigoted, it is not the right thing to say,” Rangel declared.

Rangel is an avowed admirer of the former Cuban President Fidel Castro. In April 1993, the congressman introduced legislation to repeal the Cuban Democracy Act of 1992, which ended U.S. assistance to the Castro government, and to lift the American embargo against Cuba. When Castro toured Harlem in October of 1995, Rangel greeted him with a bear hug at an event in a local church, where the congressman joined in a prolonged standing ovation for the visiting dictator.

Before the ethic violations charges, Charlie Rangel was the chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee in charge of writing the U.S. tax laws. Ironically, he “not only failed to pay taxes on income he received from a luxury resort property he owns, he financed the purchase with an interest-free loan from a campaign backer who is also a politically active lawyer.” (H/t: OpiniPundit) Here is the long list of charges, more, and more.
Some of Rangel’s litany of transgressions:
– Evading taxes on $1.3 million in income derived from multiple properties and failing to disclose hundreds of thousands of dollars of assets and income.
– Accusations of taking a $1 million contribution to the Rangel Center at City College from a wealthy businessman who later got a lucrative tax break for his company.
-Accepting a Citigroup-funded trip to the Caribbean in November 2008, when the bank was bleeding the bailout funds dry.
– Unreported rental income from a vacation villa in the Dominican Republic that Rangel failed to acknowledge when filling out financial disclosure forms.

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