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*JOE GARCIA’S LATEST TRICK: He Sues to Remove Republican David Rivera off Florida Ballot (FL-25)

Posted by FactReal on October 21, 2010

UPDATE 10/27/2010: Judge dismisses Democrats’ lawsuit

Nasty politics, leftist tactics and Democrat Joe Garcia go hand in hand. Less than two weeks for the November election, Joe Garcia has given the go-ahead to his cohorts to use the courts to give him the seat of Florida’s 25th congressional district.

Joe Garcia’s mouthpiece The Miami Herald reports:

The complaint, submitted in Miami-Dade Circuit Court, seeks to disqualify Rivera as a federal candidate based on financial disclosure forms Rivera filed while serving as state representative.

Lawyers for Miami attorney William Barzee and Garcia supporter Maria Teresa Pascual filed the suit and held a news conference at the downtown Miami civil courthouse Thursday morning. Garcia was not there, though two of his campaign staffers were organizing the event.

Will there be any investigation about:
Joe Garcia’s donors who are in business with the Castro regime (Cuba is on the list of States Sponsors of Terror)
Fake Tea Party candidate, Roly Arrojo, is a Democrat linked to Joe Garcia

Will there be daily reports about:
Joe Garcia’s donor behind Amendment #4
Lobbyists – major donors to Joe Garcia
Joe Garcia’s leftist donors behind attack ads against David Rivera
Joe Garcia’s donors who love Fidel Castro:
John H. Cabanas
Richard Reposa
Alfredo Duran
Congressman Charlie Rangel (D-NY).
Joe Garcia doesn’t live in Florida’s 25th congressional district and spent most of the past year out of state. Garcia lives in Miami Beach, the opposite side of the district he wants to represent. How can Garcia know or understand the people in the FL-25 district?
Joe Garcia & Pelosi raised campaign funds at house of corrupt Miami politician
Joe Garcia would have voted for the bailouts
Joe Garcia will vote as Nancy Pelosi tells him

Don’t expect those investigations or reports; the Miami Herald endorsed Joe Garcia even though they acknowledged that Joe Garcia is a verbal bomb thrower, not a consensus-builder, and his “campaign has consisted of disparaging attack ads against Mr. Rivera, hardly an incentive to vote for Mr. Garcia.” (Nasty fights ensue whenever Joe Garcia or his friend Raul Martinez enter a forum.) Ironically, the Herald continues promulgating the falsehood that Joe Garcia is a moderate on Cuba policy – just because Garcia says he agrees with the U.S. embargo. What they fail to capture is that Garcia says he is OK with the embargo but he wants to do everything he can to dismantle it piece by piece. Thus, leaving a toothless law titled ’embargo’ on an empty page.

The Herald also indicated that “Mr. Rivera calls himself a deficit hawk. He opposes the Obama healthcare reform plan and the financial stimulus.” Joe Garcia, on the other hand, supports failed policies, i.e., ObamaCare and amnesty.

When the Herald endorsed Joe Garcia in the primaries, they reported that Joe Garcia wants to push for more pork for the district, home bailouts, and green technologies – the same failed policies of the Obama administration that have deepened the recession, tripled Bush’s deficit, and increased the national debt, the unemployment rate and the poverty levels. On top of that, Joe Garcia opposes oil drilling, but is he OK with Cuba drilling off Florida’s coast?

So, after all those negatives, the Miami Herald decided to endorse Joe Garcia because we need ‘change‘ in the 25th district. The same ‘change‘ that Obama offered. But it is the wrong kind of change…and the voters know it and are rejecting it.

The media has reported more about David Rivera’s traffic accident, than Joe Garcia’s jobs, income, and donors. Will the Miami Herald investigate Joe Garcia as vehemently as they have David Rivera? No. They do not want the voters to know who the real Joe Garcia is. Unfortunately, the rest of the Miami journalists take their cue from the Miami Herald.

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