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Posted by FactReal on October 22, 2010

UPDATE 10/27/2010: Judge dismisses Democrats’ lawsuit



Will there be investigations of Joe Garcia’s obscure donors, jobs and income?

Joe Garcia’s cohorts filed lawsuit to kick GOP David Rivera off the Florida ballot:
Video (Spanish): Willy Allen and Richard Klugh, part of the team of lawyers trying to remove David Rivera from the ballot, were yesterday at Maria Elvira’s show. They are representing William Barzee and Maria Teresa Pascual. William Barzee, a Miami attorney and big democrat donor, who has been trying to derail Rivera’s campaign (here, here). According to the Miami Herald, Maria Teresa Pascual is a supporter of Joe Garcia.

CBS4 report & video (English)

William Barzee wrote in an e-mail to the Naples Daily News: “If a private citizen breaks the law they go to jail. Politicians do not have a right to recklessly ignore our laws. It’s time for David Rivera to come clean or step aside.”

It’s great to see leftists suddenly caring about the L-A-W, for which they did not care when:
Michelle Obama campaigned in a polling place…against the Law (VIDEO)
Obama accepted donations from foreign & fake donors for his 2008 presidential campaign
OBAMA’S ACORN and voter fraud
Obama’s DOJ failure to investigate Black Panther’s voter intimidation
Obama’s tax cheat: Tim Geithner, who overseas the Treasury Dept. and the IRS
(The tax dodger in charge of the IRS!!!)
Obama’s tax cheat: Kathleen Sebelius, Health and Human Services secretary
(Sebelius: insurers who criticize ObamaCare may get locked out of system)
More tax cheats lauded and nominated/appointed by Obama, and here:

–Governor Bill Richardson bows out of the running for Commerce secretary amid questions over a pay-to-play scandal.

–Hillary Clinton is appointed Secretary of State despite concerns there’s still no real transparency about her husband’s foundation accepting large donations from international donors and foreign governments.

–Timothy Geithner, appointed Treasury secretary, hit with major tax evasion problems.

–Nancy Killefer, who was to be appointed Obama’s “performance czar,” withdraws after it’s revealed she didn’t pay taxes on domestic help for over a year.

–Tom Daschle, HHS nominee, withdraws over serious tax evasion problems and not before several questions about his role as a high-paid influence peddler have been raised.

Democrat tax cheat: Senator Al Franken
41 Obama aides have not paid their taxes (Link)

Democrats think that the L-A-W only applies to Republicans.

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