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2010 FLORIDA ELECTIONS: Amendments, Voter Guides, Judges, Candidates, …for November 2, 2010

Posted by FactReal on October 26, 2010

Quick links to reports for the 2010 General Election:
AMENDMENTS AT-A-GLANCE: Sponsors, donors, costs, legislation text, public records, etc.

AMENDMENT #4 in depth
AMENDMENT #4 financed by big Democrat donor who is also behind FL-25 Democrat Joe Garcia
AMENDMENT #5 and #6 in depth (Leftist George Soros financing the proponents)

2010 VOTER GUIDES: Candidates, Amendments, Judges…for Miami & Florida
SAMPLE BALLOT for Miami-Dade County

FL GOV: Rick Scott v. Alex Sink: On the Issues

FL-25: Joe Garcia v. David Rivera: On the Issues
FL-25: Meet the Real Joe Garcia
FL-25: Fake-Tea-Party candidate Roly Arrojo

NEVADA: Techs of Suspect Voting Machine are SEIU
COLORADO’s George Soros mini-me: Democrat John Hickenlooper


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