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Posted by FactReal on October 27, 2010

This page will be updated as more data comes in…(Hat tip: reader Tainan)
ILLINOIS: Michelle Obama campaigned in polling place…against the law (VIDEO)
ILLINOIS: Elections Board refusing to look at Michelle Obama for polling place campaigning
FLORIDA: Democrats’ flyers promote their fake-Tea-Party candidate Roly Arrojo (FL-25)
FLORIDA: Fake Tea-Party candidates
FLORIDA: Democrat Joe Garcia Hiding his True Leftist Colors (FL-25)
TEXAS: Poll Watchers Claim Harassment And Intimidation At Houston Voting Places
NEW JERSEY: Democrat Recruited Fake Tea Party Candidate to Hurt GOP Opponent
FLORIDA: Democrat Ron Klein camp released GOP Allen West’s social security number
FLORIDA: NBC News Tries to Link GOP Allen West to ‘Outlaws’ Biker Gang
WASHINGTON: Illegal Aliens Canvas for Democrats in Washington State
ARIZONA: Group Accused of Massive Voter Fraud Is Offshoot of SEIU
CONNECTICUT: Democrat Blumenthal Campaign Seeks ‘Worst of WWE + Women Photos’ To Use Against Linda McMahon
TEXAS: Houston Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee Electioneering And Harassing Poll Watchers
Voter Fraud Watch
NEVADA: Suspect Voting Machines in Nevada Are Serviced By SEIU
NEVADA: Harry Reid is offering free food and gift cards to get people out to vote
ARIZONA: Proof-of-citizenship voting rule overturned by 9th Circuit court
This is How the Democrats Will Try to Steal the Election
Democrat Election Fraud Openly Running Rampant
Disenfranchising our soldiers: Don’t Ask, Don’t Vote
NORTH CAROLINA, NEVADA: Voting machines pre-programmed to vote Democrat
MINNESOTA: Democrats issue anti-Catholic mailer in final week
FLORIDA: George Soros and unions behind proponents of Amendments 5 & 6
FLORIDA: Big Democrat donor financing proponents of Amendment 4
FLORIDA: CNN: Sink lied about debate cheating

Democrat Arrested For Voter Fraud In Florida
Daytona Beach City Commissioner Derrick Henry and his campaign manager, Genesis Robinson, were arrested Wednesday, charged with committing absentee ballot fraud.
Nationwide Voter Fraud
CHICAGO: Felons Vote, Soldiers Can’t
Justice Department working hard to insure that convicts cast ballots, while our heroes serving overseas are still waiting.
2010 FLORIDA ELECTIONS: Amendments Analysis, Voter Guides, Judges, Candidates, …for November 2, 2010


  1. tainan said

    This list should be growing exponentially on the hour. Please keep it updated. It is good to have a central location for this mis-deeds.

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