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ALEX SINK ETHICAL? Debate cheating and then lying about it…on camera! (FL-gov)

Posted by FactReal on October 27, 2010

Via Sunshine State News: “Sink was caught breaking the rules during the final gubernatorial debate Monday night. The next day she told national news media on live TV that she didn’t know who the message was from, but it was later discovered she was told it was from a staffer.”
First, Sink cheats
Then, Sink lies about cheating during the debate
CNN John King: “But we listened very closely to the audio, and the makeup artist, when she approached Alex Sink, said ‘I have a message from the staff.’ And at that point they looked, it was on a cell phone, it was two sentences. It was essentially [debate] advice after the last segment debate…”

It’s not that Alex Sink made a mistake, really: it’s that she lied about it afterward.
“[T]his was an impromptu test in Sink’s ability to operate well under pressure, and she flunked it handily. We’re just fortunate to find out about it now.”

Alex Sink v. Rick Scott: On the Issues


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