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Posted by FactReal on November 5, 2010

NEWS ROUND-UP: (Updated on Nov. 8, 2010)
Obama’s India extravaganza angers Americans
Obama’s trip to India could include:
– Fleet of 34 Warships from the U.S.
– Air Force and Marine One
– Two jets, armed with advanced communication and security systems
– Over 40 cars which will be part of the president’s convoy
– 13 heavy-lift aircraft with high-tech equipment,
– Three helicopters
– 3,000 total people including Secret Service agents, U.S. government officials, and journalists
– 500 US security personnel
– 800 rooms have been booked for those people
– An interception and obstruction device
– Sniffer dogs
– “Rescue gadgets”
– “Communications set-up, nuclear button”
– Fleet of limousines
– The majority of the White House staff
India: The Pasha Tour: “Five fully loaded jet aircraft will fly Obama and his party of 3,000 caravan-style in luxury that would make a sultan blush. The entire Taj hotel — 570 rooms — plus other space next door are the sort of accommodations only a khan might have arranged until now.”
Obama to see India on $200 Million a day?
Details of Obama’s big ‘Carbon Footprint’ tour
India removes falling coconut threat to protect Obama
Pentagon denies Obama will be guarded by 34 ships
US military to build kilometer-long bomb-proof tunnel – so Obama can visit Gandhi museum
Obama leaves election wreckage for Asia
Obama bows again…this time in India


One Response to “OBAMA’S INDIA/ASIA TRIP: News Roundup”

  1. BUCK CROSBY said

    People have to understand , he must bankrupt the country to invoke socialism or what ever he wants to call it , and now realizes he has only two years left . The republican tsunami has just made things much more difficult for him , lookout , when he gets desparate there can be no telling what he will resort to .

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