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LEFTIST LAMONT HILL: NJ Gov. Christie too fat to be President; smells like bacon (video)

Posted by FactReal on November 10, 2010

The Rise of Fattism in the Obama-Era

fattism: discrimination on the basis of weight, esp. prejudice against those considered to be overweight.

The latest example of fattism comes from leftist radical and Columbia professor Marc Lamont Hill, PhD, who has been very busy this week bullying New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on national TV.

On Monday, Lamont Hill said Gov. Christie is too fat to be president: “He can’t win, let’s be honest…He’s fat.”

“He’s fat for a politician. He doesn’t have the body type to win. There are other issues – look at that,” Lamont Hill said as he looked at an image of Christie.

“He’s playing the circuit perfectly. Now, if he could just run the circuit a little bit and trim some of that off, he’ll be just fine.”
[Video here]

Yesterday on the O’Reilly show, Lamont Hill redoubled his discriminatory diatribe against Gov. Christie: “No one wants a president who smells like bacon after he runs up the steps.”
[Transcript here]

“We wouldn’t have elected him in a wheelchair now, would we?”

“[I]t is still a demerit to be overweight.”

Demerit? So, this Columbia professor thinks that a person with extra pounds deserves censure or a mark for “misconduct or deficiency.”

Not surprise here: Liberals are great at spewing their hate. Bullies enjoy targeting the obese…especially during the Obama administration which has demonstrated more visceral disdain towards obese people than to those who want to destroy our nations. The Obama administration is not only encouraging but financing the targeting of obese people:

Michelle Obama Obesity Order: Cut butter, cream, French fries (video, photos)
Miami-Dade to get rid of obese people
Miami to use $14.7 million to put residents on a diet
OBAMA-ERA FOOD POLICE: Then they came for McDonald’s Happy Meals
MSNBC Matthews: “Fat Boys Club” with Christie & Haley Barbour (video 1:57 mark)


One Response to “LEFTIST LAMONT HILL: NJ Gov. Christie too fat to be President; smells like bacon (video)”

  1. KansasGirl said

    Disgusting behavior from a disgusting person.

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