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ARIZONA SHOOTING: How the Left Falsely Accused Conservatives (videos)

Posted by FactReal on January 16, 2011

This past week, the Left (mainstream media and Democrats) decided to exploit the Tucson massacre to destroy those whom they hate and to advance their political agenda. They let lose the dogs of their own hellish madness to link Conservatives or the Tea Party to the violent act. Within hours of the shooting, there were reports indicating that the shooter might be insane. The Left decided to ignore the facts. They continued with their witch-hunt and pushed their narrative to re-write the facts. They blamed political rhetoric (of course, from the Right). More facts were being discovered indicating the shooter, Jared Loughner, was not a Tea Partier, but actually a registered independent, who didn’t vote in the crucial 2010 election, and who didn’t watch TV or listen to political radio. Friends claimed that Loughner was a liberal pothead influenced by the anti-religion, anti-Capitalist movie “The Zeitgeist”. There was no evidence that political rhetoric from the Right had contributed to the shooting. Liberals were not deterred – they were determined to obtain a political advantage out of the tragedy.

The Left saw an opportunity to further exploit the tragedy by attacking the First and Second Amendments. They re-directed the national discourse from repealing Obamacare and cutting government waste to gun control and censorship. Besides advancing their repressive agenda, liberals are trying to tacitly perpetuate the myth that the shooter was a right-wing extremist and not a demented person. On top of that, leftists are now pontificating about civility and bi-partisanship. These merchants of hate want Americans to forget their vitriolic past against Bush or against anyone who disagrees with them. They have no shame! They want to be our “Civility Police” and control our behavior and our speech. One question remains: How many people are going to fall for these tricks from the Left?

Here is just a sampling of how liberals blamed Conservatives for the Tucson shooting without any evidence:

The Left blames Sarah Palin, Tea Partiers, Limbaugh, Beck, etc.
Paul Krugman Blames Giffords Shooting on Palin, Limbaugh and Beck
Jane Fonda Blames Giffords Shooting on Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and the Tea Party
AZ Pima County Sheriff blames political rhetoric for shooting

Olbermann blames Palin, Allen West, Angle, Beck, O’Reilly, and the Tea Party
Geraldo Goes Out of His Way to Connect Tea Party With Tuscon Shooting
CNN on AZ Massacre: Palin “Allowed This Kind Of Instance To Happen”

Democrat James Clyburn blames Sharron Angle rhetoric for Giffords shooting
NY Daily News: “Giffords blood is on Sarah Palin’s hands”
CNN’s Candy Crowley Pushes Palin ‘Cross Hair’ Motive Narrative
Rep Bob Brady: Let’s ban crosshairs
Pima County Sheriff continues to blame Sarah Palin and Sharron Angle for shooting
AZ survivor Patricia Maisch: “The Extreme Right Have Added to This Problem” (Video mark 9:08)
Fox News Megyn Kelly Confronts Sheriff Dupnik Over His “Political Spin” On Shooting

NBC’s Today Show links Palin to AZ shooting
Arizona Sheriff blames Rush Limbaugh
Brokaw Blames Guns For AZ Massacre
Democrats conveniently forget Obama’s calling Latinos to punish their “enemies”
Hillary Clinton in Abu Dhabi: ‘We Have Extremists In My Country’ just like you
Bill Maher: 2007 vs 2011 On Inciting Violence And Hate

Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson: Violent Rhetoric Comes Exclusively From The Right
MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer: ‘People’ Are Blaming ‘Vitriolic Right-Wing Talkers’ for Shooting
Liberals use Giffords shooting to press for gun control
Democrat Brad Sherman: Az Shooter Picked Up Some Extreme Right Positions
Maher: Right-Wing Believes “Wouldn’t It Be Fun To Kill The People We Disagree With”
A Tale of Two Matthews: How MSNBC’s Host Handled Tucson Shooting vs. Ft. Hood Shooting

Media Matters’ David Brock: Beck Responsible for 3 Assassination Attempts
Democrat Rep. James Clyburn: We Need the Fairness Doctrine or Something (Video)
Hillary Clinton: Tucson Shooting Was Political Extremism
Oakland vigil for Tucson victims turns into a malicious blame-mongering event
Anti-Palin Posters Appear In San Francisco
Democrats call for Speech Limits
“Brown Relief”: NPR Latino Glad Assassin Was A “Gringo” (video)
MSNBC’s Ed Schultz: Palin Used ‘Blood Libel” To Appeal To Extremist Christian Conservatives

Democrat Rep. Clyburn Says “Double Barrel” After Denouncing Violent Rhetoric
Liberal Talker Thom Hartman: Beck Is Like Osama Bin Laden…The Right Is Activating Lone Wolf Terrorist
Tom Brokaw: I’d be nervous of going to a bar in Arizona (video)
Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.): Palin Should Have Said Sorry For “Overblown Rhetoric”
Pelosi Calls Tucson Murders an ‘Accident’
(Rep. Gabrielle Giffords did not vote for Pelosi as Speaker)
NY Times Shamelessly Spins Quote to Imply Giffords’ Shooter Was a Pro-Life Zealot
PoliticalWire claims Palin’s blood libel is a “dog whistle” to conservatives

AZ Shooting Victim Blames Boehner, Palin, Beck and Angle
MSNBC’s Resident RINO Joe Scarborough Says “This Probably Ended Sarah Palin’s Political Career”
Democrat Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr: Giffords’ Shooter is an “Anti-Government Activist”



One Response to “ARIZONA SHOOTING: How the Left Falsely Accused Conservatives (videos)”

  1. BUCK CROSBY said

    I love Sarah Palin all the more each time the left a–h—- try to destroy her . There is not one leftist as American as Sarah Palin . She is a great lady and deserves to be elected president, more importantly, we the people need her as president to restore our constitutional republic .

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